Solved Watched-state bug
Hey there again, Blush

two things i stumbled on

When TMM is reading a existing .nfo file for the first time. (.nfo containing watched=true and playcount=1)
it doesn't seem to recognize the movie as watched in his own database.
Is that intended? May there be an option changing this behaviour? (Sth. like "Use watchedstate from .nfo while importing")

There seems to be a bug regarding chaning the watchedstate:
- Movie with .nfo file, unwatched, .nfo file contains watched=false and playcount=0 accordingly
- Use TMM to change movie to "watched" status
- Let TMM rewrite .nfo for movie (is it intended that while changing the watched status in TMM, the .nfo is not automatically rewritten?)
- checking .nfo: Correct watched=true and playcount=1

- Use TMM to change movie to "unwatched"
- Let TMM rewrite .nfo for movie
- checking .nfo:
watched=false and playcount=1

Should be playcount=0

Thanks again, great work!

Side note: Would be very lovely to have an additional context menü entry on movies named "Remove the watched flag for selected movies"
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1) is working here (maybe you tried to import a NFO which is unreadable due to the problem you've written in the other thread?)

2) you are right - I've fixed it right now

btw: you can remove the watched state by using the bulk edit action
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Insanely short reaction time. Smile

Thanks again.

Regarding 1), i'll check again.

Reg. 1). Did another check. Worked. I think i was wrong. While testing various things at once. (It maybe was the problem from the other thread.) Sorry for the confusion. Thanks again for fixing 2)
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