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Will kodi ever get voice recognition searching for android TV like Plex has? I have a nexus player from google and you can search with your voice through each app supported. Will kodi get supported? I'm pretty sure it just uses Google voice recognition, I don't know how hard that is to implement.
Voice commands are included in yatse.
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(2015-02-11, 02:41)nickr Wrote: Voice commands are included in yatse.
but nexus player remote has its own built in microphone, so does fire TV and they both run on android. I dunno if its possible to use with that or not
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Basic office voice control already exist via the kodivc / xbmcvc addon here which uses CMU Sphinx for speech recognition

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You may checkout voxcommando
I developed a new app (genie) to integrate Kodi with android TV voice search and recommendation row:, it will work on non-rooted devices:
Features :
• Recommendations
o Movies with high rating (Released V1.0)
o Randomness (Released V1.0)
o Exhibits unwatched Movies (Released V1.0)
o Highlights incomplete Movies - (Released V1.0)
o Displays recently added movies (Released V1.0)`

• Search Features (Global search) :
o Search for Movies - (Released V1.0)
o Search for Cast - (Released V1.0)
o Search for genre - (Released V1.0)

I will add TV shows , music and live TV EPG soon.

Doesn't seem to work for me, using a Krypton build
What exactly didn't work for you?
The link to the app seems to be invalid.
This is it, https://play.google.com/store/apps/detai...khit.genie
(2016-04-12, 00:39)albakhit Wrote: What exactly didn't work for you?

The import button starts and then throws an error.
exactly the same for me
Failed to import Media from Kodi
A new version has been published, Could you please check it out
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