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Hi all,

I did some research and I cant find an answer to this question.

Is it possible to keep a .srt or .sub file in the same dir as the movie when you downloaded using the opensubtitle.org plugin for example?

It would be a really nice feauture since you dont need to download it anymore the next time you watch the same movie or show. Or in case its not availble anymore.

I am runnig Kodi 14.2 Beta on a Raspberrypi.

Let me know Smile
I don't think you did much research Wink

In fact you can. It's an option in the Configuration->Video->Subtitles.

But you need to have the files in an accessible folder (doesn't work for online streams) with write permissions to that folder.

But even if you don't download them to the same folder, Kodi will find it (or used to, I haven't used the specific folder option for a while) the next time you play the same file...

If it isn't working for you I assume you have something weird in your configuration. Can you elavorate on how you play your files (network share, local file, etc) or even provide a debug log?
Always read the XBMC Online Manual,Frequently Asked Questions and search the forum before posting.
For troubleshooting and bug reporting use -> Log file.

Hi Jurrabi,

Thank you for you reply. I have been using XBMC/Kodi for a couple of years now but I have never seen an option where I can enable this. I checked and double checked. I will check tonight again.

I have a NAS where my series and movies are stored and I am streaming from there. However these folders have only read acces for "guest". So probably that is why it doesnt store the subs. I will have a look at it tonight and report back. [/align]
In this post you can see how to get to this options: 180265 (thread)

Specially pay attention to the second important note.
Quote:IMPORTANT 2: In order for the Subtitles options to appear you have to select, at least, Standard Settings Level (the latest option in the left menu, near the bottom). They won’t appear in Basic mode.

Here you can see the options (from an old xbmc screen but it still aplyes)

But I can assure you right now that it is a permissions issue. Logically, if kodi doesn't have write access the subtitles downloader can't save the files there.

What I usually do is create a kodi user (belonging to a mediaplayersgroup) with read/write access to the media folders and use that user in the network shares I add in Kodi.
Always read the XBMC Online Manual,Frequently Asked Questions and search the forum before posting.
For troubleshooting and bug reporting use -> Log file.

It actually looks totally diffrent now but I found what you mean! However the problem all that time seem to be the read only rights. That fixed everything is working perfectly! Thanks Smile
I have the same issue, I have the movies on a NAS accessed through NFS by an Openelec Kodi. What might be the right permissions here? I am pretty sure Kodi can write these folders, as artwork and other stuff can be exported there.
Hi Hoppy,

Whay I did is:

- Create one folder and give it R-W premissions with NFS. This folder I use for the subtitles. And it works perfectly.
- In Kodi assign this folder as the default folder for subs.

Let me know if you need help with this.

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