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Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows

DSPlayer is a DirectShow-based media player for Kodi Entertainment Center. DSPlayer development is handled through its own branch, which is kept in sync with changes to the official Kodi codebase. The player is designed to work with or replace the default Kodi media player, DVDPlayer, while offering full integration with the existing Kodi interface. This means all media databases and player controls will function in the same manner as a standard Kodi installation. DSPlayer is installed on Windows operating systems through custom installation packages, which are made available in conjunction with official releases of Kodi.

Unlike the main branch, which encompasses a team of Team Kodi programmers, DSPlayer is maintained by one member in his free time. Therefore, users cannot be guaranteed the same level of bug-free experience as official Kodi releases due the limitations of available resources and testing. With that said, technical questions and suggestions for improvement are welcome, and the player is always being upgraded to keep pace with the latest Kodi features.

This project was also made possible by the many contributions of past members including:
  • tiben20
  • blinkseb
  • 0wing
  • Eduard K
There are other people that i would to thanks:
madshi for his great help in the integration of madVR in DSPlayer, Warner306 for the excellent guide written on DSPlayer and for writing this first page, my thanks also go to the most active members, oldpoem, vicmanpergar, who helped me to test DSPlayer in recent years, and always ready to help users that use DSPlayer for the first time.

My final thanks go to Team Kodi, even if they do not directly support us, without an official version of kodi could not exist DSPlayer... one day I'd like know what you think about DSPlayer.

DSPlayer Features:
  • Compatibility with most custom DirectShow filters such as LAV Filters, Xy-SubFilter, Haali Media Splitter, AV Splitter, FFDShow, AC3Filter, etc.;
  • Full integration with madVR video renderer including a customized madVR gui and access to all madVR post-processing features;
  • Custom video renderers: Enhanced Video Renderer (EVR) and Video Mixing Renderer 9 (VMR9);
  • Complete settings gui for DSPlayer-related controls and options;
  • Extended audio streams and subtitle choice dialogs;
  • Ability to add filters and assign media rules through the Kodi interface.
  • This is an unofficial Kodi build, not from Team Kodi!
  • This build comes with no warranties, explicit or implied, and you use it at your own risk.
  • All questions and concerns should be directed in this thread. Thereby, this thread functions as the official support forum for DSPlayer.
Known Issues/Limitations:
  • There is limited support for DVD ISO files with external filters, but not Blu-ray ISO. Again, these files can be rerouted to other players (DVDPlayer or external).
How to help:
  • A full debug log posted on xbmclogs.com or pastebin.com
  • Possible crashlogs uploaded for download. Make sure you have the correct .pdb file placed in the install folder (you should have Kodi.exe and related Kodi.pdb in the same place)
  • If you are using madVR a possible madVR freeze report posted on pastebin.com generated pressing CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+PAUSE/BREAK when crash/freeze occurs. Make sure you have the correct .pdb file placed in the install folder (you should have Kodi.exe and related Kodi.pdb in the same place)
  • DSPlayer and specific DS Filters/Renderers build that you are using.
  • Steps needed to reproduce the issue (play a movie, go to a file list, use an add-on, etc)
  • The more details, the better.
  • You may also post that everything is working as expected so we known current state of this development. In this case also provide full info.
DSPlayer PVR Filters Development: (thx to *Roma*) Resources:
Want to buy me a beer?:


Krypton Releases:

Setup 32bit: DSPlayer 17.6 Krypton - build (20171126-b654205) (pdb)
Setup 64bit: DSPlayer 17.6 Krypton - build (20171126-13194ec) (pdb) (unstable)

26 November 2017 (x86-b654205) (x64-13194ec)
  • Added some workarounds for Windows Fall Creators Update
  • Updated madvrsettings v1.0.6 (madVR 0.92.9)
  • Fixed DSPlayer audio delay was not properly applied in some case
  • Merged with the official Kodi 17.6 Krypton Final

24 October 2017 (x86-4783bcc) (x64-930c874)
  • General improvements and fixes for DSPlayer Dialog and OSD
  • General improvements for madVR settings handling
  • General improvements for DSPlayer code and IDSPlayer interface
  • Refactor DSPlayer change resolution
  • Update DialogProcessInfo to show more detailed audio codec name (e.g. DTS-HD, TrueHD)
  • Updated madvrsettings v1.0.4 (madVR 0.92.7)
  • Updated internal Sanear to v0.3 (DSPlayer build 9ab8c9c)
  • Updated internal LavFilters to v0.70.2.80 (DSPlayer version)
  • Fixed DialogProcessInfo HW/SW label could be wrong when lavfilter fallback to a different decoder
  • Fixed GUI may flicker while EVR Playback with some Intel Graphics
  • Fixed play media without audio (x64)
  • Merged with the official Kodi 17.5 Krypton Final
  • Setup 32bit: DSPlayer 17.5 Krypton - build (20171024-4783bcc) (pdb)
  • Setup 64bit: DSPlayer 17.5 Krypton - build (20171024-930c874) (pdb) (unstable)

04 September 2017 (x86-da9656c) (x64-89977ed)
  • Added OSD label to show the active decoder name while playback (d3d11, dxva2, native, direct, copyback...) (DialogProcessInfo "o")
  • Added internal Sanear option to ignore system channel mixer
  • Updated internal Sanear to v0.3 (DSPlayer build 017973c)
  • Updated internal LavFilters to v0.70.2.67 (DSPlayer version)
  • Updated internal LavVideo OSD to support D3D11 hardware decoding, hardware device / codecs / resolutions
  • General improvement for internal LavFilters OSD
  • Fixed internal LavAudio OSD MixingLayout
  • Fixed EVR Pixel Shaders
  • Fixed DSPlayer playing videos from FTP
  • Fixed ChapterManager could crash with an empty chapter name
  • Merged with the official Kodi 17.4 Krypton Final
  • Setup 32bit: DSPlayer 17.4 Krypton - build (20170904-da9656c) (pdb)
  • Setup 64bit: DSPlayer 17.4 Krypton - build (20170904-89977ed) (pdb) (unstable)

25 May 2017 (x86-703c8f9) (x64-71390e4)
  • Added built-in Sanear v0.3
  • Added option in advancedsettings to disable the madVR low latency mode to avoid some dropped frame in certain case when the GUI appear/disappear (creators update)
    <advancedsettings><dsplayer><disablemadvrlowlatency> (default false)
  • Updated internal LavFilters to v0.69.0.80 (DSPlayer version)
  • Updated madvrsettings v1.0.2 (madVR 0.91.8)
  • Improved EVR
  • Rework DSPlayer code
  • Fixed kodi save/load general settings (ex. on/off subtitles)
  • General bug-fixes
  • Merged with the official Kodi 17.3 Krypton Final
  • Setup 32bit: DSPlayer 17.3 Krypton - build (20170525-703c8f9) (pdb)
  • Setup 64bit: DSPlayer 17.3 Krypton - build (20170525-71390e4) (pdb) (unstable)

10 February 2017 (x86-e9df32e) (x64-3543708)
06 February 2017 (x86-2ede90d) (x64-733b1c8)
  • Added auto-update system and multi madVR versions support for the OSD Settings (from madVR 0.91.3)
  • Added builtin addons repository.dsplayer and script.madvrsettings to manage the auto-update
  • Added internal filters and madVR versions label in "System information - Video"
  • Added DSPlayer tempo support
  • Added partial support to 3D SBS / TAB (no subtitles)
  • Added parameter "audiocodec" to define a <rule> in media rules configuration
  • Added possibility to edit Internal LAV Video and LAV Audio formats settings (not recommended, use media rules and filter configuration)
  • Added possibility to setup madVR Direct3D 9 / Direct3D 11 and Pre-Rendered frames parameters from the DSPlayer page
  • Added possibility to save upto 3 custom user settings (OSD Button "Save settings...") (Load and Save with DSPlayer database ONLY)
  • Added possibility to load manually the saved settings (OSD Button "Load settings...") (Load and Save with DSPlayer database ONLY)
  • Added possibility to load manually the saved settings by long-pressing the numbers from 0 to 7 (Load and Save with DSPlayer database ONLY)
    0: Load original settings
    1: Load from User settings #1
    2: Load from User settings #2
    3: Load from User settings #3
    4: Load from SD settings
    5: Load from 720p settings
    6: Load from 1080p settings
    7: Load from 2160p settings
  • Updated DSPlayer dialogs Rules, Filters, Merits to autosave onClose / onBack
  • Updated madvrsettings OSD Settings to support madVR 0.91.4 and above
  • Updated internal LavFilters to v0.69 (DSPlayer version)
  • Fixed crash by stopping while fast forwarding
  • Fixed crash by stopping while DSPlayer playstart
  • Fixed DSPlayer DialogProcessInfo to show the labels "Renderers" and "Filters" instead of "Deinterlace Method" and "Pixel Format"
  • Fixed several crashes while DSPlayer play 4K/HEVC
  • Fixed occasional bad resized DSPlayer window when play next video automatically
  • Fixed VideoPlayer merits dialogs to use "VideoPlayer" string
  • Fixed Media Rules to show the correct rule when using the priority order system
  • Fixed inputstream.adaptive (x64)
  • Fixed installer to use VS2015 C++ re-distributable Package fon win64 (x64)
  • Fixed installer to install in "Program Files" (x64)
  • General Improvements (x86 / x64)
  • Merged with the official Kodi 17.0 Krypton Final
  • Setup 32bit: DSPlayer 17.0 Krypton - build (20170206-2ede90d) (pdb)
  • Setup 64bit: DSPlayer 17.0 Krypton - build (20170206-733b1c8) (pdb) (unstable)

01 December 2016 (x86-695a772) (x64-116478f)
Jarvis releases:

31 March 2016 (65c961e)
  • Settings rework to make possible to manage the DSPlayer OSD layout by editing madvrsettings.xml
  • Update internal LavFilters to v0.68.0 (DSPlayer version)
  • General DSPlayer code optimization
  • Merged with the official Jarvis branch
  • Setup: DSPlayer 16.1 Jarvis RC1 - build (20160331-65c961e) (pdb)

15 November 2015 (737db9f)
  • ReAdded EVR as video renderer
  • Added built-in XyVSFilter v3.0.0.306 (DSPlayer version) as Internal Filter for EVR
  • Added parameter "videocodec" to define a <rule> in media rules configuration
  • Added rule priority order system to reorder rule merits
  • Added DSPlayer option to move the GUI into active video area while playback (madVR / EVR)
  • Added DSPlayer option to define visible screen area
  • Updated internal LavFilters to v0.67 (DSPlayer version)
  • Updated DSPlayer GUI to fully support madVR zoom control options
  • Updated DSPlayer GUI to support new madVR settings for Image Enhancements and Upscaling Refinement (madVR 0.89.14 and above)
  • Fixed an issue in DSPlayer that was causing the chapter's name not properly shown
  • Fixed an issue that could cause DSPlayer to crash by stopping during playstart
  • General DSPlayer code optimization
  • Merged with the official master/Jarvis branch
  • Setup: DSPlayer 16.0 Jarvis Beta1 - build (20151115-737db9f) (pdb)

Isengard releases:

19 October 2015 (f273f06)
Latest Stable release with madVR support up to v0.89.13
  • Update internal LavFilters to v0.66.27 (DSPlayer version)
  • Update internal XySubFilter to v3.1.0.746 (DSPlayer version)
  • Added madVR SuperRes "sharpness" and "use linear light" options
  • Added madVR "Move subtitles" option to set subtitles position
  • Improved support to http/https streaming contents handled by now with the internal Lav Splitter Source instead of UrlReader
  • Fixed an issue with subtitles that are not shown after download with streaming contents
  • Fixed internal DSPlayer profiles system for madVR that was not working with streaming contents
  • Merged with the official Isengard branch
  • Setup: DSPlayer 15.2 Isengard DX11 - build (20151019-f273f06) (pdb)

04 October 2015 (d0191b0)
  • DSplayer now uses a custom build of LavFilters as internal filter (https://github.com/aracnoz/LAVFilters)
  • DSplayer now uses a custom build of XySubFilter as internal filter (https://github.com/aracnoz/xy-VSFilter)
  • Updated internal LavFilters to version v0.66
  • Added madVR option "Disable scaling if image size changes by only" (require madVR v0.89.*)
  • Improved MediaPortal fast channel switching (thx to *Roma*)
  • Fixed Kodi Zoom options, now the changes will be visible during playback also with DSPlayer
  • Fixed an issue with Editions dialog that was not properly shown at playstart
  • Merged with the official Isengard branch
  • Setup: DSPlayer 15.2 RC3 Isengard DX11 - build (20151004-d0191b0) (pdb)

20 September 2015 (5eef595)
  • The option "Load and Save with DSPlayer database" will create a dummy DSPlayer profile into the madVR control panel to avoid conflict with pre-existent profiles
  • Added new PVR features for MediaPortal TV-Server and ArgusTV backends (this it's exclusively made possible thx to *Roma*)
  • Updated Internal filters rules to work with PVRBackends (Mediaportal / ArgusTv / DVBViewer)
  • Fixed an issue that was causing black screen at madVR playstart when Kodi was set in fullscreen esclusive-mode
  • Fixed an issue that was causing failed playback with smb path and "@" character
  • Grammatical/language correction in the DSPlayer text description (thx to Warner306)
  • Setup: DSPlayer 15.2 RC2 Isengard DX11 - build (20150920-5eef595) (pdb)

06 September 2015 (9c30400)
  • Added the possibility to set up to three "Extra external filter" with the "Internal filters" configuration
  • Added TsReader (Mediaportal File Reader for DSPlayer) as internal filter (this it's also made possible thx to *Roma*)
  • Added the option to save internal DSPlayer madVR settings also for TvShow name
  • Added DSPlayer menu option to set preferred language for external subtitles
  • Added help text for DSPlayer menu options (this it's also made possible thx to Warner306)
  • Added error messages at playstart for Kodi in fullscreen exclusive-mode and unregistered madVR
  • Repositioned on top and Renamed the button to save internal DSPlayer madVR settings
  • Settings "Image Double" and "Deband" used by the KODI GUI now follow the madVR rules of the control panel
  • Fixed an issue with some Intel GPU that was causing the blinking of the Kodi GUI while madVR playback
  • General fixes for the internal LavFilters configuration
  • General improvements for madVR stability
  • Setup: DSPlayer 15.2 RC1 Isengard DX11 - build (20150906-9c30400) (pdb)

26 August 2015 (66c524b)
  • DSPlayer now uses a shared surfaces queue to show the GUI on madVR
  • Updated all new madVR settings for Image Enhancements and Upscaling Refinement
  • New system to manage madVR settings with 3 options: Never, Load and Save with DSPlayer database, Load from madVR active profile
  • New built-in LavFilters with internal settings stored into DSPlayer database (this it's also made possible thx to Nevcairiel)
  • New built-in XySubFilter (this it's also made possible thx to Cyberbeing)
  • DSPlayer now works with Isengard DX11 (this it's also made possible thx to afedchin)
  • Disabled temporarily support to EVR and VMR
  • Setup: DSPlayer 15.1 Isengard DX11 - build (20150826-66c524b) (pdb)

11 August 2015 (bd53e0f)
  • DSPlayer now uses a shared texture to show the GUI on madVR
  • fixed an issue that could cause the application to crash by navigating in kodi main menu while madVR playback
  • fixed an issue that could cause madVR to show a repeated frame loop
  • Kodi advancedsettings.xml option "<latency><refresh><delay>" to set a different audio delay for each refresh now works also by switching the display mode only with madVR
  • DSPlayer could return true in IsPlayingVideo() while performing a stop with madVR causing issues with external addons (ex. trakt.tv)
  • fixed an issue with subtitles not shown after download if playing a file with smb path
  • Setup: DSPlayer 15.1 Isengard RC1 - build (20150811-bd53e0f) (pdb)

21 July 2015 (e67b8c1)
  • no more lag while using madVR thx to new "low latency mode"
  • adjust refresh to match fps now properly works also if configured only in madVR tryicon, at media stop the original refresh will be restored
  • solved the issue with high gpu load while pause
  • solved the issue with the Kodi GUI that could runs slowly or unresponsive after several played/stopped videos with madVR
  • solved some textures issue after completes a video in ffw
  • Setup: DSPlayer 15.0 Isengard Final - build (20150721-e67b8c1) (pdb)
This is a major advance in htpc! Thank you for all of your efforts!
Excellent initiative moving this to a new thread, will be so much easier to look up the latest versions.
Looking forward to following the progress here!
(2015-04-02, 17:22)TheHobbyist Wrote: This is a major advance in htpc! Thank you for all of your efforts!

Sapphire RX 5700 XT (19.9.2)  Ryzen 7 3700x, PRIME X570-Pro, Win 10 x64 (1903), Silverstone LC13B-E, Onkyo TX-NR686, Samsung UE55KS8000, Mission M35i speakers, Kodi Dsplayer 17.6 X64
Thank you so much for all your hard work and setting up this page!
Amazing, thanks for all you work Smile
Image Gallery of madVR Image Processing Settings

I solved the crash on backing out to main menu of kodi during madVR playback

this problem it's possible that was creating instability to the normal processloop of kodi

so maybe can solve some other thing
(2015-04-02, 19:53)Warner306 Wrote: I hate to be a party-pooper, but I am getting a freezing bug when stopping some videos. I am not sure what the problem could be.

Intel HD 3000 - no freezing, proper playback.

Nividia GTS 450 - freezing on stop with some videos, regardless of the video settings chosen (fullscreen exclusive - on or off; Kodi - windowed or fullscreen).

The blame could be the graphics card. I am using driver version 347.88.

I've had trouble catching this problem on a debug log, but I'll keep trying.

i am having the same problem using same driver with nVidia 970. I figured it was my windows 10 install. But i guess i'm not the only one.
No problem here with GTX970 also (but in W8.1).
Ok, if i hit pause first, then stop, it works just fine. Odd.
+1 for the new thread, finally and congratulations

About the crash, i've got a Nvidia gtx770 and so far, no crashes at all (windows 7 64b)
Drivers are updated to the last ones.

Anyway, i've got a different bug, with the titles of some menus, i will try to make a snapshot and upload

Edit: ooops.... nevermind.... now it's ok, don't ask me why.... When playing a movie, and hitting M, and navigating through the menu, i was getting only letters, instead of the menu names, as subtitles, settings, etc....
Now it's working Smile
Silverstone Grandia GD05 - Intel i5 3570k -Asus H61M-G Micro-ATX - Unidad Blu-ray
MSI GTX970 4GB GDDR5 - 8 GB RAM DDR3 - AVR Denon X3400H Atmos - LG  OLED 55C7V
(2015-04-02, 22:20)spencerjford Wrote: Ok, if i hit pause first, then stop, it works just fine. Odd.

If you can capture the freeze on a dubug log (kodi.log in the userdata folder with System>Dubugging turned on), it would be easier to track. I don't think I will be able to test this for a couple of days.

Paste the kodi.log to Pastebin and provide a link here.
I am still at lost with the issue I reported in the old there here
1971838 (post)

Oldpoem - which version of NVidia drivers are you using? also, Lav 0.64 and MadVR 0.87.17?

It's really odd that depending on full screen VS Window mode I can get a broken or correct picture, and only in DSPlayer/MadVr.
did you upgrade from madvr 87.16 to 87.17. it had a color profile auto selection thing wrong. Which would only show up in certain conditions.
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