Remote button generate keyboard key strokes
When I press a the KEY_UP, KEY_DOWN, KEY_LEFT or KEY_RIGHT button on my remote, the button appears to be pressed twice.

When looking at the ir-keytable output, all buttons work just fine, except the ones mentioned above.

It turns out that when I press e.g. the UP button, also a ^[[A is triggered, which corresponds to the the up key on the keyboard.
This happens with all four buttons.

Does anyone have a clue how I can fix this? The buttons are used a lot and browsing the menu is almost impossible with this bug.

The ir-keytable output:

Found /sys/class/rc/rc0/ (/dev/input/event3) with:
Driver imon, table rc-imon-pad
Supported protocols: RC-6 other
Enabled protocols: other
Name: iMON Remote (15c2:0038)
bus: 3, vendor/product: 15c2:0038, version: 0x0002
Repeat delay = 500 ms, repeat period = 125 ms

$ sudo ir-keytable -t
Testing events. Please, press CTRL-C to abort.
1440706381.339769: event type EV_MSC(0x04): scancode = 0x1008000
1440706381.339769: event type EV_KEY(0x01) key_down: KEY_UP(0x0001)
1440706381.339769: event type EV_SYN(0x00).
^[[A1440706381.371787: event type EV_KEY(0x01) key_up: KEY_UP(0x0001)
1440706383.299768: event type EV_MSC(0x04): scancode = 0x1007f00
1440706383.299768: event type EV_KEY(0x01) key_down: KEY_DOWN(0x0001)
1440706383.299768: event type EV_SYN(0x00).
^[[B1440706383.339758: event type EV_KEY(0x01) key_up: KEY_DOWN(0x0001)
1440706383.339758: event type EV_MSC(0x04): scancode = 0x100000e
1440706384.595768: event type EV_MSC(0x04): scancode = 0x1000080
1440706384.595768: event type EV_KEY(0x01) key_down: KEY_LEFT(0x0001)
1440706384.595768: event type EV_SYN(0x00).
^[[D1440706384.627780: event type EV_KEY(0x01) key_up: KEY_LEFT(0x0001)
1440706385.843793: event type EV_MSC(0x04): scancode = 0x100007f
1440706385.843793: event type EV_KEY(0x01) key_down: KEY_RIGHT(0x0001)
1440706385.843793: event type EV_SYN(0x00).
^[[C1440706385.883772: event type EV_KEY(0x01) key_up: KEY_RIGHT(0x0001)
Try to search the forums, or even with google. This question has been asked before and was resolved.
I've searched a lot, but haven't been able to find anything related to this particular issue.
I did find a lot about double key presses, but not where a remote generates a keyboard code.
I tried to disable the key_up, key_down, key_left and key_right mappings in the keymap file for my remote. The buttons on the remote are not triggered then and moreover, the keypresses on the keyboard then also dissappear. So, this results in no action when pressing the button.

Any suggestions?
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