Release Features and improvements for Kodi v16 Jarvis
Since most users probably don't follow Github that closely I decided to make a short post detailing what has been done on the addon front since the last Kodi release. Jarvis is now as of now in the release candidate stage, so for people doubting whether to upgrade or not this post may convince you to do it.

There has been 197 commits from 12 contributors since the last Isengard version.

Features and improvements:
  • full series recording support
  • predictive tuning. This feature is for people who have more than one tuner and want instant channel zapping. It works by tuning the next/previous channel simultaneously in the background, and if the user switches channels the feed sent to Kodi is simply swapped. The end result is channel switches like in the old analog TV days!
  • better handling of suspend/resume (Kodi has recieved some improvements in this area as well)
  • support for specifying the streaming profile to use in the addon settings. This can be used to share the same tvheadend user/pass combination on different clients where one client needs some form of transcoding and another doesn't.
  • refactored addon settings dialog (in part due to more settings having been added)
  • major timeshift improvements

Minor things:
  • properly list recordings made from channels that have since been deleted
  • satellite position is shown in the "mux" field (in the PVR OSD debug info)
  • many minor fixes for edge cases, plus a whole lot of refactoring to make the code more pleasant to work with

A big shoutout to @ksooo and @Glenn-1990 who have tirelessly worked to get the majority of these changes done! Also a lot of the fixes wouldn't have been possible without the hawks over at #hts who propose changes and find edge cases. Last but not least a big thanks to @perexg and @adamsutton for their work on the server side of things, plus for their insightful comments on tricky pieces of code!
Some feedback,

I really like the predictive tuning feature on a Dual Tuner setup. Yes its instant channel changes now on my cheap as C1+ It is so much better Smile
The series recording features are a much welcome addition.

I have not played around with timeshift yet. I'm on TvHeadend Server v4.0.8. Are there any major timeshift improvements in later versions of the server ?

Thanks to the devs. for the welcome new TvHeadend features and improvements for this Jarvis release. Smile

For best possible results I think you should use the master builds of tvheadend. Some patches were backported to 4.0.8 though.
Timeshift well not work (reliably) with tvh 4.0.x. You need a recent tvh master build for this. The rest of the new pvr.hts features works just fine with tvh 4.0.8
I'd say it's better than what we've had so far though.
Yeah definitely.
another question: is, in the new version of the kodi addon client, the feature added to show the timeshift indicator?? Wink
This is a skin topic, nothing for the add-on.
but the addon has to have the ability to show it, right?
So the addon have to support it, and the frontend has to use it...
The addon supports it.

(2016-01-29, 19:55)negge Wrote: [*] major timeshift improvements

I have a problem with timeshift. I posted here to ask about the status of my issue (existing and known but not solved yet or marked as solved?), but it seems my post is overlooked:

Can anyone help please?

Is there any hints in using this new "predictive tuning" feature ?
What has to be done to use it ? Simply activating it in pvr.hts plugin, or are there anything needed to be configured in tvheadend itself ?
I believe it works without setting anything in tvheadend. You may need more than one tuner ofcourse, because Kodi will stream two channels at once (to allow semi-instantly changing channels).

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Features and improvements for Kodi v16 Jarvis1
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