Music and Music Video's - Shared Artwork?
@DaveBlake, So I have some questions regarding Kodi 17, that you may or may not be able to enlighten me with.

Currently (Kodi 16.1 and older), Music and Music Video's share posters, fanart, and misc artwork. There are issues with this arrangement that they don't always seem to work together. For example: Weird Al Yakovic doesn't always show Posters and Fanart in Music Videos, but they are fine in the Music section. Now this could be because Weird Al can be listed as "Weird Al" Yakovic, or just play "Weird Al" (notice the quotes). The Group 'Til Tuesday (notice the single quote in the artist name) also seems to have this issue, and there are others like AC/DC, etc.

Just as an FYI, I have tagged all my Music(200+ gigs worth) with Music Brainz Picard (in preparation for Kodi 17), and have .NFO files for Artists, Albums, and all Posters, Fanart ect (downloaded through MediaElch).

So my workaround for the above issue, has been to create .NFO files for every artist (and Music Video), and copy posters and fanart directly into the Music Video Artist folder. But even doing this hasn't fixed all the issues I've had with Artwork and Music Videos. So If I'm scrolling through Artists in Music Videos, In the "Weird Al" Yakovic artist, I see "Weird Al"'s Poster but not the fanart. The same thing happens with 'Til Tuesday, but in AC/DC there is no poster or fanart at all under Music Videos, but they are there in Music when browsing by Artist.

1. What I'm wondering is, if the issue is that Windows cannot create folders with " or ' or / and this is causing Kodi to mess up the artwork (as it's searching via the folder name first, instead of reading what the Artists .NFO file has in it).

2. I intend to do a fresh install of Kodi 17 when it is final, but should I import my Music first, before importing my Music Videos in Kodi 17, so that all the artwork for Music will be available to Music Video's (or does it even matter)?

3. Is there a plan in future Kodi's to include Music Videos as part of Music (since they basically share the same information anyway). So I could put Katy Perry's Music Videos, under the correct Albums in Music, and Kodi will be able to use the Posters, Fanart, and .NFO information contained in the Music folder to fill out all the information when searching for Katy Perry's Music Videos?

As always, keep up the great work, and I look forward to all the changes and advances you've put forward in Kodi 17.
Kodi needs a rework for music videos in v18.

Currently (from what I've seen) the music video artist image only comes from a matching audio library artist image (if there is one). The music video poster (cover art) comes from the folder.jpg in the music video folder.

An easy fix for us in Jarvis and Krypton would be to allow Kodi to 'see' an artist image in the music video folder (e.g artist.jpg). Then we can just create an artist.jpg into our concert folders and things would improve somewhat. This only works if the music video folder contains videos for a single artist, which is ok for almost all music concerts but not if you have individual music videos from multiple artist.

But the real issue is that currently Kodi stores music videos in a flat format (basically a single table) and Kodi doesn't have a method (JSNRPC) to easily return a list of 'Releases' (aka Albums in audio - in music videos this is often a 'Concert'). Currently Kodi uses an 'Album' tag to group music videos into 'Releases'

There needs to be a redesign for v18. Too late for Krypton unless Dave can add the 'artist.jpg' recognition to it at this late stage (I doubt it). At least then the Kodi music views can display artist images for all music videos.

1. Currently I think the Audio artist tag name must match the music video nfo artist name for Kodi to show the artist thumbnail (audio artist's folder 'folder.jpg'). If you have no audio for the music video artist there is no artist image to display in Kodi. I say this because I'm sure my AC/DC music videos show bu audio artist thumbnails.

2. Yes

3. I'd prefer to find another solution as I have about 6 or 7TB of music (audio and music video) across multiple drives broken into different parent folder based on music type (Classical, Multichannel, Stereo and Music Video for me)

Edit: You can currently only set a source as one source type (i.e. Music, Music Video) so that would probably be a major change in Kodi if 'Music' were to handle both audio and video (but not impossible). That might be the best solution moving forward...

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Music and Music Video's - Shared Artwork?0
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