UK user - is a second motorised dish really worth it?
I would be really grateful for some general advice on something that has been bugging me for a bit - perhaps a dose of reality/common sense.

Ultimately, do you think there is any justification for actually bothering with a motorised dish?

Here is my dilemma:

I have a Sky Minidish that is on the right side of my house and goes straight through the wall into my livingroom, where my TVHeadend server is.

The server contains a single DVB-S2 card, which is not enough. Ideally, I would like four tuners for maximum flexibility.

The server was only temporarily supposed to be in the living room and needs to be moved to my office, which is at the other side of my house.

I also quite like the idea of a motorised satellite dish, having read quite a lot about them on a number of sites.

My main reasons for having it were that 1. there are apparently lots of free films available from satellites, such as Nilesat and 2. I am trying to improve my German and would hoped that some foreign channels would help my three-year-old pick up some foreign language skills.

Ultimately, it would be good to hear from anyone from the UK (who is not fluent in anything other than English) and has a rotor. My question is whether you actually use it.

When I think about it, I tend to watch films via Netflix so is trying to get extra films via satellite worth the bother? Furthermore, if I want to watch German TV programmes or get my son to watch foreign TV, are there not already alternatives online for this?

If I manage to convince myself that a rotor is not worth it, it makes my life a lot simpler in terms of moving my server as I won't have to run numerous satellite cables to the new locations, I could use a SAT>IP device instead (which could be cheaper than buying multiple PCIe tuner cards, anyway).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated - I am worried that I am going to down the route of doing something just because I can and not because I should.
Not to worry, now - have decided to give upon on the rotor idea.

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UK user - is a second motorised dish really worth it?0
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