What is the advantages and disadvantages of kodi?
Hello everyone. I want to install kodi for my android. What is the advantages and disadvantages of kodi to listen to music? Can you give me some informations. Thanks.
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So, here's go a opinion from a regular user,  who used to listem songs in a pc with Winamp, and in a Tv with usbdrive.

Kodi it's a junction of both. It designed to work without keyboard and mouse (extremely necessary to use Winamp). 
You wil have all your collection of artists/albuns/songs in a especific place on Kodi, and you will have the option to navigate in a series of filters: Artists, Genres, Albums e a lot more.

With kodi you can use a serie of fisical remotes, like MCE and Harmony, or you can use an App on your Android or Apple device, like Yatse (android) or Kodi Remote (apple). But you can use a keyboard as you wish. Kodi just has the possibility to use others types of remotes. For now I use one similar to this: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/35TJBAjGZMc/maxresdefault.jpg And works like a charm and it's very cheap.

Kodi offers an interface clean e very intuitive, with a lot of images of the artists, and abum covers provide from images database like Fanart.tv (www.fanart.tv), a lot of information about the artists/albuns like Release Year, Genre, record company and others infos provide from databases like The Audio DB (www.theaudiodb.com) and with some skins, you can have the lyrics on display. Each skin has some particularities and depends of your taste. I used AEON MQ 7 and love his music visualization: http://i.imgur.com/AzDzQiR.jpg

The disvantage is:

IF you know nothing about tags on your song files, you will have a LOT of work to have all benefits of Kodi to play your songs. because Kodi need this tags to compose your library. if your song files have wrong tags, kodi will insert your song file in wrong place inside the collection.

Here's an great topic of @zag explained and "best pratice" to place your songs to use with Kodi

As an regular user, i don't see any disvantage using Kodi to listem my songs on my HDTV and that remote that I've showed. The only problem is the tags, because yes, it's a lot of work, bau it's one time work.

Hope this helps.
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I'm using Kodi on Android as a substitute to Foobar2000, but I'm not very happy with ist:

  1. I can control playback and playlist and media library remotly without the monitor.
  2. It plays pretty much all audio file types.

  1. It is unnecessary difficult to handle custom playlists. I still didn't figure out for a long time how to import mine. (Note: How-to)
  2. Library Updates are very slow and might block other activities.
  3. There is no "Add to playlist as Play Next."
  4. Tagging, Replaygain heck everything concering music management has to be done with 3rd party tools
  5. Accidently press enter on a song and your precious playlist is overwritten with that song or album.
I think its worth to know what anyone gets into.

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