Android DTS and subtitles not working

I'm french, i bought a NVIDIA shield this week and i try kodi, 4K is very nice but there is 2 issues :

- Subtitles don't work. I activated it, i can choose any subtitle i want, KODI see all of them in the video. But i choose one, whatever it is no subtite on my TV...
- I activated passthrough. It works fine for DOLBY DIGITAL but not for DTS, when i choose DTS Kodi send stereo... I read oither people have the same issue but i can't find any solution.

Thanks a lot for your help.
Nobody can help you without your Debug Log in this part of the support forum.
First decide what functions / features you expect from a system. Then decide for the hardware. Don't waste your money on crap.
Sorry, i didn't know that.
Done, i Enable debug logging, launch a video in 4K with english audio in Dolby Digital and french in DTS HD MA. I change english to french and french to english. Dolby digital is ok but DTS doesn't work (stereo i think is transmitted) i try to change subtitltes too, nothing appear on the screen, the link : opawumayob (paste)

If you can help me i will be greatful, thanks a lot.
I solved the DTS issue, i didn't know i have to check in Kodi my device can use DTS, so Kodi thought it can't and send stereo, i checked and i have DTS, yes, great.

But for the subtitles, no solution, so i still need your help, thank you.
I tried again and found a video with subtitles working... Only one... For the others subtitles don't... After this issue i found a new one, i tried a video and.. no audio... no sound, nothing... Tough start with Kodi. But first i really need help for subtitles... I can't use Kodi without it... Thanks again for any help.
OK some subtitles work aother not, i don't know why.
So DTS and subtitles OK.
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