I have a buch of music videos but they don't play in a row
I have downloaded like 300 of those random videos. They don't have any meta information. 

In my Kodi 18 from Libreeelec RR, I have this "music video" category right up front. So as shown and instructed, I added a source for it which is the folder "music videos".

But then although I want to just play this single folder, its not like it plays the videos from the folder.

It always just plays the single video I selected.

It never plays all the videos in the folder in a row.

Please help.

How is it supposed to work like this?

I just want to play all the files in the folder.

It can't be that difficult?!
First, it sounds like you have added a video source.  I assume? you set its content to "music video".  But without any nfo files or metadata tags, you won't see the files in your "library".

There are a couple of ways to play the files one after another.

1.  Navigate to "files" and select your source (or any subfolder of your source).  Click <p> Play on the folder.  All will play.  Or, again with folder focused, click <c> Context menu on the folder.  It will give you some options of play, play next (if there is a currently playing video wait until it's done), or queue (loads all the videos, but waits to start playing until you select one).

2.  In the settings / player settings video section, find the setting for "play next video automatically".  Select it and a dialog box opens where you can select music videos (and other content).  Now when you play a music video the rest in the folder will be queued.  For any one else, note that if your music videos have been scanned into the library, the settings / player settings for music section, "Play next automatically" will also control music video playback from a library node.

scott s.
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I have a buch of music videos but they don't play in a row0
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