Cleanup Music tab content
I can't find a way to cleanup the Music tab contents like Recently played, Recently added, Unplayed, Most played, etc.

I'm using the default unmodified Estuary theme.

Manually deleting or editing the configuration files are not as welcomed as doing everything with KODI menus but still OK.

Many thanks in advance.
Sorry, no idea what you mean by "cleanup the music tab contents". Can you clarify?
I meant removing items from Recently played, Recently added, Unplayed, Most played, etc
Ah, then no, removing individual items for those nodes is not possible. The Recently played, Recently added etc. nodes are derived from what has been played, added etc. as held in the library.

You can remove library entries if all the music files that they relate to no longer exist, then these nodes are updated accordingly, perhaps that is what you want? 

Kodi was designed to have media on removeable drives, hence missing media files during library update does not cause the item to be removed. You need to do a library clean from Settings>Media>library (and scroll down to the music section), that will remove any orphaned entries.
I wanted to be as short as possible but my English is not enough to explain what I think in just a couple of words. So I have misled you, sorry for that.

I just want to be able to completely clear all aforesaid nodes without removing either the nodes themselves from the main screen nor content from the library. Like "Clear recent file list" in most computer programs - the files just disappear from the "Recently opened" menu item but still exist and will be added to "Recently opened" once again immediately as they are opened.

Like cleaning the history.

Removing individual items from these nodes would also be great, by the way. ))
Then the answer is no. These nodes are not anything like a "recent file list". The computer programs  that have a recent file list and a means to clear it generally do not have a database or library behind them. Kodi has a library, and these nodes reflect the contents of that library.

You could create your own custom nodes that only showed albums of songs last played after a given date.
Then how could I just remove some of these nodes from the main Music screen? Is it possible? I've searched the settings, but no result.
Do you only want to remove these from Home screen, if so you'll need to edit one of the skin files, if you want to also remove from the node list once you go into Music you'll to set up a custom node structure using these instructions
Just to amplify a bit, Kodi is built around the idea of "dynamic" content, so what is displayed is constantly updated.  For music, it is possible to create a static list from the common m3u playlist file, but playlist files would need to be maintained in some other program.  Kodi can create and edit an m3u playlist, but isn't really intended to manipulate m3u playlists.

scott s.
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