Music and Weather tabs show up as Square Characters
I am having an issue today with the latest Xperience1080. My Music and Weather tabs, and various other labels, are showing up at square characters instead of their respective correct labels. I have cleared my kodi cache and reinstalled the skin, but I still have the issue. 

Is there an issue with the resource.language.en_us strings.po file? I see it is quite different from the resource.language.en_gb strings.po file.

Any ideas on how to correct this? 
Resetting my Regional Settings fixes the issue. If I change the language back to English (US), the issue comes back - If I set the language to English, the issue is resolved.

Any ideas?
Ok, it looks like there was a bad update to the resource.language.en_us strings.po file. After I replaced the strings.po file with an old version, I can get English(US) working again. 


How do we request that the Kodi devs fix this issue?
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Music and Weather tabs show up as Square Characters00