Are there any improvements to BluRay folders/ISOs playback coming in the near future?
It is not secret that KODI could play very little number of Blu-Rays without problems, some Blu-Rays can not be played at all.

Will the Blu-Ray support be developed further? There is the huge progress in 18 comparing to 17, for example. May we expect the perfect Blu-Ray support in 19?
Define perfect.
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What do you mean?
What is perfect playback in your mind as may be different to someone else’s

The biggest improvement will be kodi upgrading to libbluray 1.1.2 but that is for the devs
Totally agree. )

But I doubt there is someone who prefers silent black screen (Kraftwerk "The Catalogue"), empty main menu and silent playback (a-ha "Summer Solstice"), uncontrolled cicled playback of one single title (Anton Corbijn Inside Out), etc.

I'm purchasing only music Blu-Rays, may be there are flows with movie blu-rays too. I don't know.

I have also found a DVD that can not play with KODI, it is Thirty Seconds To Mars "This Is War" bonus DVD. So may be there are others which can not play also.

I'm talking about 1:1 rips either ISO or folder ones, both Blu-Ray and DVD.

Every disc mentioned here plays perfectly with hardware media players like Dune (I've got 5 different Dune players) and of course with disc players.

If it will help the developers I can post a list of discs I own that con not correctly play with KODI, mentioning their flows.
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Are there any improvements to BluRay folders/ISOs playback coming in the near future?00