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YouTube Plug-in Thread
Is there any plan/ability for this YT plugin to support
the speed option that exists when using YT via a browser?
(For example the ability to increase playback speed in
settings to 1.25x, 1.5x, 2x speeds)

Running Kodi 17.6 on NVIDIA Shield.
Finally got my own youtube api key to work (no exceeded limit messages now), but now I am unable to login - login failed: code 401.
Tried all the options under maintenance
Anyone know how to fix this?
Kodi 17.6,NVIDIA Shield, QNAP
401 error means either API id or API secret is incorrect, the responses have been improved in the in development version making it easier to determine which is the issue.
With the in development version;
if when signing in you get -- invalid_client : oauth client not found -- the client id is incorrect.
if when signing in you get -- invalid_client : unauthorized -- the client secret is incorrect.

This is a player level feature so it won't be added to the add-on, but I believe it is already possible with Kodi 17. 
Here's some related information, (searching will reveal more)
Keymap (wiki)
how do i enter links to play directly? I'd like to play unlisted videos.
There is currently no way in the add-on directly. This could be achieved by browser extension, remote app, or strm in the meantime. For strm create a .strm file with a single line;
replace <video_id> with the actual video id.
I need some help, I have 

I have some yt channel IDs on my pastebin

If my addon call yt plugin with xbmc.PlayMedia it just start start playing videos of channel from 1st videos as a playlist. I want yt plugin to list the videos and let user to play the one as needed.
url = plugin://plugin.video.youtube/channel/[CID]/

I guess I need to use
but its not working for me as I am not getting how to use given CID from my pastebin.
here is what I am trying to do:

CID = url

def ytchannel(url):
    url = 'plugin://plugin.video.youtube/channel/' + url +'/'

and this is what I get in log"
16:58:58.395 T:26304   ERROR: Control 55 in window 10025 has been asked to focus, but it can't
16:59:00.895 T:26304 WARNING: XFILE::CDirectoryFactory::Create - unsupported protocol('(plugin) in '(plugin://plugin.video.youtube/channel/UC3o_gaqvLoPSRVMc2Gm****/)'
16:59:00.896 T:26304   ERROR: CGUIMediaWindow::GetDirectory('(plugin://plugin.video.youtube/channel/UC3o_gaqvLoPSRVMc2Gm****/)') failed
16:59:02.980 T:21200   ERROR: Could not find suitable input format: x-directory/normal
What I am doing wrong or how I manage to use given channel ID Playlist ID from my pastebin to list the videos.
See ActivateWindow here: List_of_built-in_functions (wiki)
import xbmc

def yt_channel(channel_id):
    plugin_url = 'plugin://plugin.video.youtube/channel/' + channel_id + '/'
    xbmc.executebuiltin('ActivateWindow(10025,' + plugin_url + ',return)')
(2017-12-31, 16:34)anxdpanic Wrote: @morem7
This is a player level feature so it won't be added to the add-on, but I believe it is already possible with Kodi 17. 
Here's some related information, (searching will reveal more)
Keymap (wiki)

Thanks for the info!!!

I find the chrome extension Kassi very helpful when entering the API keys.

You can send text to Kodi.

I've had it working in LibreElec 9 for a while now.
Everything I watch with this addon does not get marked as watched on youtube.com

Is that working? I really want to ensure my views are counted and the video stops being suggested to me on the top of my feeds.

Also is there a way to pop up a thumbs up or thumbs down at the end of the videos? I would like to have my vote count.

Using this in conjunction with Youtube Library addon and videos just pop up in my tv shows as they come out.
LE 8.2.2
youtube addon 5.4.5

I can't play my private videos on My channel. I can see without any problem the list of my private videos, their thumbnails but after click on the name of the video, the playback doesn't start. If I will change private settings to the public I can play the video. 

One month ago I could play my private video.

log here is
Nvidia Shield
kodi 18.1 RC1
@wheemer Currently adding to watch history is not working, this is not part of the api and the old method no longer works. Will look into a rating post play event for future.

@Goga777 Been unable to resolve this yet, added as an Issue on GitHub
I'm getting the error message "Invalid Parameters" on all my machines when trying to play any video on the YouTube Add-on. Am I the only one ?

This is on version 5.5.0~alpha 12 & 14

Update: I installed version 5.4.5 and it works OK
I been using YouTube add-on on my raspberry pi running osmc for quite some time. I did not have trouble playing up to 1080p 60fps videos but today YouTube will not play videos above 720p. Is YouTube itself at fault?
I am also getting "Invalid Parameters" on alpha, all videos cannot play
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