Cannot use Kodi while using multiple displays
Hi everyone, I've been having this problem for a while and I'm out of ideas.

I cannot get Kodi to work while using multiple displays. My set up includes a regular computer monitor and a television. Previously, whenever I started playing a video (on either screen), the entire system would crash immediately. Just straight to desktop. The debug log gave me no hints as to why. This problem occured through multiple versions of Kodi, as far back as 18.3.

Now, (v18.8) Kodi doesn't open at all. The program appears in task manager but it won't actually open. Note that this problem only occurs when "extend this display" mode is turned on in Windows' display settings. My TV doesn't even have to be on or in use for Kodi to not work. Using just the monitor works, but if I wanted to watch movies/tv through my computer monitor I'd use VLC or something instead.

Things I've tried:
  • Different builds of Kodi: 18.3, 18.5, 18.6, 18.7, and now 18.8
  • Updating my BIOS and graphics/audio drivers.
  • Installing Kodi on my SSD with Windows instead of on my HDD.
  • Removing all add-ons. I don't even have my original files anymore.
  • Uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times.
  • Using the TV as my only display. It still crashes.
  • Using a different HDMI cord.

Some more info if it helps:
  •  I'm using Windows 10
  • I'm using a custom built PC (Ryzen 5 1600, GTX 1060, 16gb RAM)
  • I only use videos stored on my hard drive
  • Kodi previously worked when the only major add-ons I used were Extras and Artwork Beef. I don't use Plex, Youtube, etc.
  • As far as I know, the problem didn't start after any kind of update or software/hardware change.
  • I watch Kodi through a Sony Bravia TV, connected via HDMI.

I asked about this on reddit and I got the incredibly helpful reply of "reinstall windows". Please, is there anything else I can try?

Debug log:
I have no solution for you, but just to say I experience the same and did away with the second monitor.

My scenario is I have a laptop sitting in my cabinet which streams security camera footage. The laptop recently died and I decided to add a second 14" monitor to my HTPC and have Kodi on the 75" LGTV and the security camera footage on the 14". Kodi certainly does not like it. I would turn off the TV and Kodi would jump to the 14" and when I switch the tv back on the security camera stream was on the big TV, so there was the hassle of putting it right again, but it would also mess with resolutions and then Kodi would be quarter size on the tv, and invariably required a reboot.

After a couple of days I gave up. So I am watching intently for any solutions offered to you.
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(2020-08-02, 00:41)Ideal-Snake Wrote: Things I've tried:
From your post it looks like nothing works... is that right? "Using the TV as my only display. It still crashes." and then I see "I watch Kodi through a Sony Bravia TV, connected via HDMI." sounds like a bit of incongruity.

We should be on the same page as I also run the GTX 1060 and although I run through an AVR, I often use direct mode to check this or that without issue. Key here is to twin your display (the log indicates a 1080p display) with the monitor utilizing at the beginning, just the windows desktop on both edge to edge and twin this with your TV. I note: 1920.000000 x 1017.000000 resizing (is this the TV shortfall? I also noted that the TV audio doesn't support most of the audio codecs, so it's Kodi for directsound) , we need to white list the resolutions at 1920 x 1080 and I'm not sure where this came from... Window: resizing due to size change (1920,32,3840,1049)->(1912,1,3848,1057) which smacks of a 4K device. With both devices at a harmonious resolution, launching Kodi should maintain those dimensions on both units.. (or black screen, crash, only one etc does windowed mode work?). The log indicates 'open device DIRECTSOUND:default' but what you want is HDMI - SONY TV (NVIDIA High Definition Audio device 1, check in system settings audio that you see this one by name and us it. Take note of the full screen resolution and ensure it's compliance with 1920x1080x60

Can we take Artwork Beef out of this equation for purposes of testing, I'm unsure of it's support.
Sorry for the confusion. I meant to say that preiviously my main way of watching Kodi was through the TV, but that no longer works. It seems the second problem I mentioned in the post (Kodi not starting at all) was just a minor issue fixed by restarting my computer (oops!), but I still cannot play any video without immediate crashing.

As I mentioned in the OP, I have tried using Kodi without any add-ons and it still doesn't work.

I just tried duplicating the display instead of extending it, but the problem persists. And I'm sorry, I'm not sure what you are trying to say in the second paragraph? As far as I know both devices have the same resolution of 1920x1080x60. Windowed mode doesn't change anything, the tv is not 4k. I don't know what would make Kodi try to resize it. My computer automatically selects "SONY TV (NVIDIA High Definition Audio)" when the TV is connected, so I'm not sure of what else I would need to do to force Kodi to use it. The sound does come out of the TV for 1-3 seconds before the program crashes.

Here is the log on a fresh install of Kodi, no add-ons:
What gpu drivers do you use?
Something to consider
Right now I'm using Nvidia geforce version 451.85.

I read through the other post and I have updated my computer to Window 10 version 2004 (which wasn't available to me before) and installed update KB4568831 and it's still not working. The Geforce "hot fix" didn't do anything either.

I also tried white-listing 1920 x 1080 and it still crashes. Is there anything else I can try?
(2020-08-04, 22:16)Ideal-Snake Wrote: Is there anything else I can try?

If you don't really need the Windows part, try perhaps LibreELEC.
Run it from a bootable USB stick as a testdrive. Maybe the latest Milhouse nightly build will help.
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Crashing movie works with VLC even on TV? Even if it does scan your drives for errors.
Newest Firmware on TV? If not, update.

If you are up for it you could try reinstalling Windows, maybe you have some weird program that interferes. 
If you do reinstall, install Microsoft updates, drivers, Kodi and then try.

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