TV Series Fanart Issue?
Ok, maybe somebody can help me figure this...

According to the documentation, the following should generate correct fanart for TV Series

-- Season 01
---- Episode 01 - Pilot.avi
-- fanart.jpg
-- folder.jpg
-- season01.tbn


fanart.jpg is being picked up correctly
folder.jpg is being picked up correctly
season01.tbn is NOT being picked up correctly

if I choose to manually set my thumb for season01, then the thumb browser claims there is no local thumb (unless I specifically browse to it).
If I rename season01.tbn to season 01.tbn (note the space), then the thumb browser finds the local thumb! but still cannot 'deploy' it per se. Choosing the thumb has no effect.

So, reading further through the documentation, it's a little ambiguous about just how large the tbn files can be. Is there a definitive dimensions limit, or even a filesize limit?

The reason I ask this is that like any sound minded person, I try to keep a hires copy of all my artwork files. When I rebuild a library, I copy my season artworks to the 'tbn' files... sadly, XBMC is not picking them up.

Any ideas?
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