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[XBOX] 128MB RAM upgrade for the Xbox, is it of any benefits for XBMC?
you should be posting this in the xbox forum
I'm not an expert but I play one at work.

I installed 128 mb of ram into my xbox about a month ago and put it aside while i was finishing up school. I just put on the latest XBMC build and i am experiencing problems. XBMC detects 128mb of ram properly, however when i exceed 64 mb on the usage bar the XBox slows to nearly a hault. This happens everytime a play a movie off the hdd. I was under the impression that XBMC would work fine with 128 mb ram, is this true? Anyone have any idea what could be wrong?

Thanks a lot,
Had you simply searched these forums before doing that upgrade, you'd have found that the Xbox's GPU can only address 64MB of RAM. So that extra 64MB is pretty much useless.
Well the whole purpose of installing the ram was for use with linux not XBMC, the fact that XBMC is slowing down is a side effect. Is what you said the primary reason for it freezing? Also i thought that XBMC had no control over the GPU and was the reason that the Xbox has trouble running at 1080i?

Running out of memory is a pretty good reason to freeze. I dunno what you're on about when you say "no control over the GPU," but lack of RAM is why 1080i works so poorly. It is the RAM for textures (ie that addressed by the GPU) that is the problem. The only solution would be to control where different bits of memory are allocated, keeping textures in the lower 64MB and stuff that only the CPU has to see in the upper 64MB. However, the small number of people who this would benefit and the lack of dev interest on Xbox will pretty much ensure that this never happens.
I was just under the impression that several people had installed the extra ram and seen slight benefits in XBMC, like better HD streaming, not a complete slow down. Maybe my settings are incorrect? Sorry, im just clueless as to why it would have a negative effect on my xbox when others have done it without a problem.
Without a debug log there's not much we can do to assist you.
Thank God I know how to use SEARCH. I was wondering about the 128mb ram thing, this has saved me alot of hassle no doubt, thanks.
Do we have an answer yet on why it don't work. I understand that its an issue with the coding that the xdk does and the gpu not being able to acess greater than the 64mb.

My question is what part of the coding is messing it up for us? I'm not a coder by any means but atleast the way I see it the issue could be two things the xdk not letting it address anything over 64mb or the xdk not letting it address the other banks.

There is a huge difference there in that we don't need to add chips to get to 128mb. Poeple allways assume you need to add chips when you don't. What you can also do is replace the chips with MT46V4M32 chips and have 128mb of ram.

or is the gpu itself not programed to address over 64mb still a possibility?
From memory Mr Marshall (the big cheese) offered to take a look into the 128mb addressing problem if someone sent him a 128Mb box as his interest was not in the Xbox anymore - Whether he is still willing to take a look I'm not so sure - I'm a devoted Xbox fan but my interest levels on getting anymore out of it are also somewhat lower these days to be honest... hardware is so cheap these days and I dont have the time to tinker as I did with Xboxes..

Trusty is offering 1.4Ghz/512/133 CPU xboxes with 128Mb RAM if your after more power... that should give you a pretty dam fast Xbox.
Hi everyone. I have a xbox with 64mb of additional RAM soldered on the motherboard. Can XBMC use this extra-memory or not? Simple question...

Another questions :
My xbox has a LCD display ... the first time that the xbox detects the free space on drives, the contrast is set to 0 and then the display can not see anything.
This happens if, for example, set displays system status on the home page of XBMC. Is possibile to write a simple script that, every X seconds, set the contrast to 10%?
modded by X-Bit Chip - Serial interface - LCD 16x4 White on Blue - HD/Network activity blue led - Transparent Jewel with 8 leds - 64MB of additional RAM - DVDROM LG-8163b - XIR v2 powered by XBMC and MediaStream Redux
Memory - No

LCD - dunno to be honest Bomb Bloke or Xbox-scene is your best bet....
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[XBOX] 128MB RAM upgrade for the Xbox, is it of any benefits for XBMC?00