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Win Yatse 2 : Open Source Media Center Remote Control App for Touch Screen
Well i was thinking getting at least a little answer to this question Smile

1 Week more than 200 install and no answer on OS used. I Supposed this mean that i can focus on my needs Smile

Will see peoples complains when the requirement for Yatse changes but well i can't do things i don't get info about Smile
It is possible to use YATSE on this touch screen:
I want to buy some touch screen with wifi for YATSE, I want to have remote touch screen "pilot" (7" or 8") with docking station like in Kaleidescape
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PlUIw8vKhU (1:53 sec and later)
I if good understand I can use all touch screens (with wifi) where I can install Windows XP or Windows 7, pls correct me if I wrong think.

P.S. Maybe we can add in wiki list of hardware which is used by actual user or which are compatibility.

1. http://www.aliexpress.com/product-gs/310...alers.html
2. http://www.diytrade.com/china/4/products...dow_7.html
3. ...
Well yes Yatse should work on any Windows 7 device provided it has enough power to handle the graphics.

You should not go with XP as i may stop support it sooner or later.

The wiki is a good idea, or perhaps the forum, but it's hard to have the information on what users use Smile
Hi, firstly let me say how impressed I am with the work you have done here. I have not yet tested it but from the screen shots and other comments you have clearly put a lot of time and hard work into this project!

Secondly, I am interested to whether or not this will work on windows Moblie/CE as this would be great on a tablet like suggested above or even a palm pilot.

I am really interested in using it as a remote, if you can suggest another device that I could use this on that would be great!

Many thanks,


This won't work on anything but Windows OS that support full .Net 3.5 SP1 (7 / 2008 VISTA / XP).

I'll perhaps looks a little to Windows Phone 7 when i got time to see if i can do a port.

About embedded device that works great i'm sorry since i don't have one i can't recommand one Sad

Perhaps users here will give you their hardware.
What would be really sweet is if you created it as client/server... with the client being HTML5. Then it would run on nearly any mobile/portable device.

Also, a thought on mobile OSes...
Android tablets/phones are taking over and already dominate sales 3 to 1 over iphone. The Dell Streak just released and is selling like crazy. Other vendors are releasing Android tablets like they are air - all over and very cheap. This is the platform to build for now and the next 5 or so years, maybe longer.
I'm not an expert but I play one at work.
I'm totally persuaded that Android is future Smile

But at this time when i see i can't even have users tell me their OS to prepare future version i must admit motivation goes far away Wink.

For the moment i don't think i'll go on another platform for Yatse, but will add support for others Media Centers.

About the HTML 5 part, i think that someone is already doing this, no need for a server since XBMC already have one and JSON is easy to handle in JS. I'm sure that as soon as JSONRPC is fully finished we will see beautifull html remotes.
Tolriq, haven't been on the forums in awhile, sorry people aren't giving you their OS info. I am Win 7, .NET 3.5, however I am a home user and indifferent to whether I need 3.5 or 4.

Also, I tried to install the x64 version with the new installer (very slick...) and it won't install. I get an error that a version is not available for my system. The x86 installs fine and I'm using that for now.

Also, 2 feature requests:

1. My wife likes YATSE and wants it on other PCs around the house. We can use it with the mouse just fine, but would be nice to be able to drag the window to locations other than (0,0). Possible? Minimize would also be nice.

2. She also wants a search feature, in particular for the music library.

For the moment i don't maintain x64 builds so it's normal that you can't install one, will do when i have time to build a more automated build / test system Smile

The search feature is planned (more like a filter feature but can be used as search Smile )

I've just added an option in settings, named Mouse use, this will enable drag and drop and disable the auto repositioning feature Smile
The minimize is already here, just click the icon in the task bar and it will minimize Smile

Next build will be uploaded tonight or tomorrow depends on the time i take to do all tests.

PS : Please use the new web site for feature request so that i can follow and don't forget Smile
Well seems i can't sleep tonight :p

Build 112 online

- Added Tv Seasons support, this needed a yatse database update, please reports logs and bugs if the update fails.
- Make most buttons touch size bigger to help on small screen or screen with metallic borders.
- Added xml option to change the diaporama image switching timer.
- Corrected some bugs about what happens when media start playing (Diaporama / Diming / Currently).
- Added new Mouse mode in settings to allow drag and drop of the main Yatse Window.
- Better handling of some double click (now use system configuration for delays).
- Corrected drag and drop of the letter for letter jump in browsing, works much better.

Next items in the todo lists :
- Change option screen to handle more settings (and so handle 800*480 after).
- Implement search / filter
- Change message boxes to internal window
- Plex / Boxee support

The order does not mean anything Smile


- Tool to crop image in cache to reduce memory footprint and disk usage.
- Clock in screensavers
- Random mode
- Repeat mode
- Party mode
- Tray icon
- Web Radio
- Audio / Video streaming to Yatse
- Playlists
- iPhone style scrolling.
- Media Portal support
- Windows Media Center support
- Support for 800*480

The order does not mean anything Smile

You should see Yatse for some times if i do all this Smile Hope to keep motivation Smile
Is YATSE supporting XBMC nighlty builds? I can not connect to my XBMC it says device not supported.
There is some new web control integration in XBMC nigtly builds.
Yes Yatse support all builds from camelot. (Well appart some builds near 28000 the limit between the two plugin was made with axe :p)

Just be sure to select the correct API in the add remote Smile Svn builds are referenced as Dharma and Camelot for well Camelot Wink

If it still don't work please check the log and paste here Smile
Thanks, I did not chose Dharma release. Now I know I have dharma build Smile I just downloaded the latest nightly build.

You remote is awsome! working well even trough internet.
I am having problems getting the software to install. When i select x64 it says (there is no version available for this platform). So I selected x86 and I keep getting an error message (error during installation. server maybe down.please try again later) . I am using windows 7 with the NET3.5 update installed.
You should have a log in the directory from where you launch the install please upload it Smile

But if you can start the installer and select x86 build that means that the server is up and running. Maybe you use a proxy or anti virus that block some files during installation.
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