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hey there

i have a few questions on using an LCD, especially on the LCD.xml and how to customize it

i know about the infolabels and such but i'm interested in something different.

are there more labels to use with an lcd? are there possibilities to control the scrolling speed of certain messages (its to hard to read at the default speed).
is it possible to show (or if not how to create) some kind of spectrum analyzer or vU meter during music playback?

how can i show custom characters like with lcdhype on windows?

i have a crystalfontz 20x4 display. with the software from crystalfontz i also can edit the custom characters. can i then save them in the CGRAM and acces them with lcdproc?

how can i display specific characters on the display that are not on a pc keyboard?

how can i change the content displayed through the infolabels?

e.g i want the date and time. instead of something like DD/MM/YY Weekday 3:20PM i want, lets say DD/MM 3:20Pm without the year (i should know that^^ and the weekday)

i'd like youre help, so i can help myself^^
is nobody interested in that stuff?
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