tv view in SVN
I've noticed that my wide icons aren't working properly in svn (as opposed to how things looked in 2.x)

I was running Transparency! with xbmc 9.11. I use Ember Media Manger to scrape everything so i have wide show icons and season posters

in the older version, i'd see the wide icon at the bottom (when selecting which season i'd want) and i'd see the "Season Icon" on the left hand, in the latest svn, i see the wide icon in both, but it's squished on the left hand side..

I'm going nuts trying to figure out how to fix this....If i absolutely need to, i'll take some screenshots but right now i dont' know how to do that without hooking up a keyboard.

anyways, i hope i've explained the problem well enough....

I'd really like to know how to fix this.
can't reproduce, it might also be a xbmc issue...
so yep, gonna need screenshots.

you can map the screenshot command to a button on your remote
in case you don't want to use a keyboard.

by default it should be mapped to the 'record' button.
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ok, heres some screenshots, notice how it's showing the wide icon for both image....this seems to happen with any of the svn versions of xbmc but NOT with 9.11

i'd like to be able to use this version.


and this is the SAME machine, running the older version (so the same pictures from my database were loaded)


that was a problem with a few of the nightly builds of xbmc last week but has since been fixed.

Download the latest beta, it works fine
I'll try it....I'm also having a major issue with any of the newer versions of xbmc related to different nfs sources....noone has replied to it yet, but it's been happening to me for months, yet doesn't effect 9.11

basically any svn version of xbmc from 3 months ago till now (and perhaps longer) will work fine so long as i only use one "source" of files, but i have 2 servers with my files, one for movies, and one for tv.

If i try to go from one source to the other, load time is insane (like 4-5 minutes.)

here is the original thread where i reported it....been having this issue for a long time buti it's just ignored.

anyways, i will try a new svn and see what happens
updating to the latest xbmc svn indeed fixes this issue.

It's strange, this issue persisted through SEVERAL svn revisions which is why i thought it might be a bug in transparency.

Now i just hope i can fix my "2 sources problem"

Thanks guys.

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