setting up XBMC on a networked server - help
What I want:

I want to set up XBMC on a server - (I haven't set up the server yet) -

So I can manually stick TV shows, music and movies onto it -
Other people in the house can access it through the network -

Keeping intact the interface and all the features -
I would admin it and they are users......

I don't know if it can be done but something like they enter the IP address of the server and onto the menu they go -

Then they choose what they watch and it starts -

I am currently using XBMC on my Win 7 laptop and would love to implement this system.

Is it possible to set up?

I would love comments and info.

Kindest Regards
And thanks in advance
You dont need to install XBMC on the server. The actual video files go on the server. The client XBMC machines access the server and play the video files on it.

Did I miss your point? Not sure I quite get it.
I suppose that will work - but then I'm setting up multiple laptops and Pcs with XBMC -

I was hoping to install it onto a server and use a shared hard drive and just give out an IP address.

So if a gust came I could just give them the ip address and the XBMC loads its interface with minimal setting up onto new pc's and all the processing and rendering is also done on the server pc.

I am wondering is this possible?

Thanks Fish
Regards - Dave
No, that's not possible, sorry. XBMC is meant to be a client, not a server.
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setting up XBMC on a networked server - help0
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