Some New Features
So as some of you may have known I have been working on some new features for this skin. This is mainly driven by my personal vision of cool features that I would like to have due largely to the type of content I use xbmc for which is anime. These changes could be made to other skins as they are universal in nature however I will detail them below and then list how they were made and also provide the attached files for those interested.

NOTE THAT THIS IS ONLY FOR FANART view. You will need to implement the changes yourself if you want it for a different one.

Studio listing for tv shows on the main navigation directly under the title of the show.
Show title made into a button that will play the file pv.mkv when pressed. (for preview support)
Show title will play theme.mp3 when highlighted.

If theme.mp3 is playing via this method then:
No preview overlay will be displayed
Music overlay will show a slideshow of the contents of extrafanart or a black screen if that folder is empty
Any visualization will be replaced with the slideshow mentioned above.

I have really enjoyed these changes personally and I hope you all will as well. Perhaps they could be implemented in a better way into the official skin so that everyone can enjoy it and be able to easily toggle it on and off.

The files will be linked to this post and instructions will appear in the posts below if you want to read how and what I edited. Remember that the files are from the PAL16x9 folder.
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