XBMC Gaming sub forum?
Anybody else thinks it could be useful to have a gaming sub forum?

XBMC gaming community seems to be continuously growing in the past months. Alone Advanced Launcher and Rom Collection Browser threads have grown over 350 pages. Additionally there are several gaming related threads cluttered all over the forum.

Also a lot of general gaming information is hidden in the addon specific threads (mostly ALA and RCB) but could be interesting for both user groups (general emulator setups, controller configuration, useful scripts, ...). Having a sub forum could encourage users to create a specific thread instead of posting it in the addon related threads.

Just fyi an incomplete list of gaming threads that have been active in the past weeks:
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Rom Collection Browser
MAME Frontend
Thumbnails for Video Games
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Not sure if gaming is just 1 of 100 other categories like "Live TV", "Recording", etc. that also could request to have sub forums somewhere. I admit that I have kind of a gaming centric view on XBMCSmile.
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