Win One Button DVD/BluRay Ripping using a Launcher from within XBMC
Ok, so I tested this out all night and couldn't duplicate the problems some were having, but figured if people were having issues I should approach this another way.

So, please re-read the first post in this thread and download the new version using the links there.

The big changes are, I took out the auto detect drive feature, and added an option to set the drive in the AutoRipDVD.bat file. It defaults to D: but you can change this to whatever drive letter you wish now.

I also added a splash screen to indicate that there is no media in the drive or it's damaged so you can tell if the script is failing or if there may be something wrong with the drive or disk.

I also added a LaunchAutoRipDVD.exe file, for Advanced Launcher to point to. This should stop any flickering that may have happened on launch, and will make it easier to work on more systems.

One thing that I should point out as well, is that the script is set to run the 64bit version. If you have a 32 bit version of windows running, then change in AutoRipDVD.bat the following by removing the number 64:

cd /d "%IntDir%"
makemkvcon64.exe --minlength=%RipMinSeconds% mkv disc:0 all "%RipDir%%volid%"

So it reads like this for 32 bit

cd /d "%IntDir%"
makemkvcon.exe --minlength=%RipMinSeconds% mkv disc:0 all "%RipDir%%volid%"

Let me know how it goes guys.

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One Button DVD/BluRay Ripping using a Launcher from within XBMC9
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