Win One Button DVD/BluRay Ripping using a Launcher from within XBMC
Welcome to AutoRipDVD!

I wanted to create an easy method to rip my purchased DVD's and Bluray's directly to my XBMC library. These scripts will do just that with a small amount of setup.

Once fully configured you simply run the launcher (either from the Advanced Launcher menu or from your favourites menu), with a disc in the drive and after a few minutes the program will beep, and auto-eject your movie.

Then simply update your library and your movie will be added. (very rarely you may need to switch to file mode and rename the rip for it to grab fanart - see more info below).


First go to and get the latest version, and install it

- Optional -
If you wish to have AutoRipDVD also compress your rips, then go to and download and install the latest version of Handbrake

Next go download

AutoRipDVD and install it (this simply extracts all the scripts)

If you prefer a zipped up version click here

(If you have trouble downloading the files, please read this post)

The AutoRipDVD.bat configuration file should automatically open on install for first time setup.

Configure Script:

Now that these have been installed its time to customize the script to your system.

AutoRipDVD.bat should have opened up in notepad automatically for you to configure. If it did not, then

- Navigate to where you installed AutoRipDVD.exe to.
- Right click on AutoRipDVD.bat and click edit

You will see at the top there are a number of options you can change. ** BE CAREFUL IN THIS FILE OR YOU MAY BREAK IT **

Here is what the top of this file looks like:

@Echo offSetlocal enableextensions
::*** AutoRipDVD is brought to you by Spinalcracker
::***  Change the following variables to match your setup
::*** DriveLetter=The drive letter of your DVD or Blu-Ray drive ie. D: or G: etc
Set DriveLetter=D:
::*** RipDir=Where you want your DVD ripped to ie. your xbmc movie folder *BE SURE TO INCLUDE TRAILING \
Set RipDir=E:\Movies\
::*** IntDir=Where you installed MakeMKV to
Set IntDir=C:\Program Files (x86)\MakeMKV
::*** ScriptPath=Where the files for this script are located with trailing "\" ie. Where AutoRipComplete.vbs & Beep.vbs are located *BE SURE TO INCLUDE TRAILING \
Set ScriptPath=C:\Program Files (x86)\AutoRipDVD\
::*** RipMinSeconds=Minimum time in seconds that should be ripped off disk to avoid getting previews etc.  Default is 3600 seconds or 1 hour
Set RipMinSeconds=3600
::*** Using Handbrake to compress - Yes or No?
Set Handbrake=No

It is pretty self explanatory. Simply change the parts on the "Set" lines after the "=" to whatever applies to your system and save the file and close your text editor (ie notepad).

By default Handbrake compression is disabled. This is because encoding a 2 hour video can take up to 8-12 hours depending on the size of the file and power of your computer. Using this to compress your ripped video may slow down your system DRASTICALLY during the process. That said; if you wish to enable Handbrake to encode your video to 720p in a smaller file size then make sure you have Handbrake installed and then change in AutoRipDVD.bat

Set Handbrake=No

to read

Set Handbrake=Yes

If you wish to tweak the encoding settings I have already set, please find more information on what is available to you here:

The settings to change can be found at the top of the AutoRipDVD.bat file. The following lines affect Handbrake compression:

Set Handbrake=No
Set Handbrakepath=C:\Program Files (x86)\Handbrake\
Set X264=b-adapt=2:rc-lookahead=50:me=umh:bframes=5:ref=6:direct=auto:trellis=2:subq=10:psy-rd=1.0,0.10:analyse=all
Set FORMAT=--optimize --format mkv
Set QUALITY=--ab 64 --mixdown mono --quality 23 -e x264 -x %X264%
Set SIZE=--width 1280 --height 720

Configure XBMC:

Make sure you have the Advanced Launcher addon installed.

- Create a new launcher
- Navigate to where you installed AutoRipDVD.exe and select the file "LaunchAutoRipDVD.exe"
- Change the icon to "AutoRipIcon.jpg" that is in the same folder (or any other icon you prefer)
- Set the Launcher as a favourite

Using AutoRipDVD:

- Place a disc in the drive in your windows based HTPC
- Go to your favourites and run AutoRipDVD
- You will see a splash screen letting you know the program is beginning the rip. You may continue to use your XBMC system (except the dvd drive of course), while AutoRipDVD does it's thing.
- Once the rip is complete the program will beep once and eject the disc (If you have enabled Handbrake compression this could take a very long time)
- Update your library and your movie should now be there
- Enjoy Smile

Note for 32-Bit Windows Users:

One thing that I should point out as well, is that the script is set to run the 64bit version. If you have a 32 bit version of windows running, then change in AutoRipDVD.bat the following by removing the number 64:

cd /d "%IntDir%"
makemkvcon64.exe --minlength=%RipMinSeconds% mkv disc:0 all "%RipDir%%volid%"

So it reads like this for 32 bit

cd /d "%IntDir%"
makemkvcon.exe --minlength=%RipMinSeconds% mkv disc:0 all "%RipDir%%volid%"

Tips & Tricks:

- Multiple Language Selection - To have it rip specific languages you must edit a MakeMKV file (default.mmcp.xml) - see this post

- TV Shows? - You can install AutoRipDVD twice into different install directories, having one setup for movies and one setup for tv shows. Just be sure to set your paths correctly in AutoRipDVD.bat, as well as change the minimum rip time from 3600 down to something less than the length of your tv shows for that install. Then setup two launchers, one for TV Shows and one for Movies and you are all set to rip your media collection into your library

- Minimizing? - This is a bit of a bug caused by the splash screen's. Setting XBMC in the system settings to run in a Fullscreen window instead of True fullscreen will stop XBMC from minimizing.

Advanced Users Version - brought to you by Akevit

For a more sophisticated version please take a look at this post by Akevit. He has modified the code to take AutoRipDVD to another level. This version is recommended if you want to do more than simple rips and consider yourself a Windows and XBMC power user. His code can be found here.

Known Issues:

- AutoRipDVD's splash screens are minimizing XBMC when running in a true fullscreen environment. Switching to Fullscreen Windowed Mode in the System settings resolves this

- AutoRipDVD uses Handbrake to compress and re-encode the video it rips. This process, if interrupted (System crash, power outage etc) will require you to manually delete the video folder and files it created and start again. The script cannot resume a rip.

- AutoRipDVD uses the volume name of the disc in the process of renaming the movie files to be library (and scrapper) friendly. If the volume name is nothing like the movie then the scrappers can not match the movie. This should never really be a problem with any legit purchased movies, but if you have disc's with volume names like "NEW" or "AwesomeFlick1" then you may run into problems

- AutoRipDVD defaults to ripping any stream 1 hour long or longer. This can be changed in the settings in AutoRipDVD.bat to any min time you wish, but in some cases, some dvd's have multiple lengthy streams. You can simply delete from within XBMC any stream that is not correct and this actually happens pretty rarely, but wanted to explain why it happens.

- AutoRipDVD is a bit of a hack. lol. I welcome any python developer seeing this to create a proper plugin for us all to use. Just please credit this original hack back to me as I am not a programmer so fairly proud I blundered my way through this on my own to something functional.

Change Log:

- Fixed major bug causing rips to be deleted

- Added the ability to compress a rip using Handbrake (720p default in x264 MKV container)
- Reworked the config portion of AutoRipDVD.bat to allow tweaking of new compression feature
- Repacked the installer for an improved experience.
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