HOW TO setup your WWE PPV, WWE Specials and UFC PPV collection.
I've just spent some time downloading all the poster, fanart, and thumb files for the entire year of 2011 and 2012. I then ripped each ppv to mkv and placed it with these files in the exact same way your tutorial suggests.
M:\WWE PPV\Season 28\S28E01 through S28E12
And then again with Season 27.

Unfortunately, this tutorial pretty much stops at that point, and doesn't explain how to actually add them.

After reading through the 6 pages, I gathered that I should add them as TV Shows if I want it to look good.

When I went to TV Shows, and then to add videos, it never scraped.

I saw something earlier about these all being added as playlists.... but I don't know how to do that.... ie: I don't know how to add the files in the first place to get them to scrape. So far I have only been adding movies to XBMC, and those had no problem. I'm confused as to why Tv Shows are so different.

Any assistance on how to get the initial nfo files scraped, how to properly add the video files, and such would be greatly appreciated. Without that info, this tutorial is more of a list of things to collect and how it could potentially look. Which is helpful to some degree, but incomplete as a tutorial.

I'm using Frodo Rc3 and Aeon Nox v4.

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