TV show missing / unaired episode details within library
As a big fan of XBMC, I can say I use it daily for TV shows and at least weekly for Movies. As TV shows is a big part of my XBMC experience, one thing that would be useful would be to populate all episodes of a TV show season, even if the user only has a few of the episodes. Maybe even every episode of a TV show if the user has a single episode from season 1 and there has been 3 seasons.

For instance, if I had Dexter Season 6, Eps 1-10 in my library, I think it would be a nice feature if when I browse to Dexter, Season 6, I have the details for all 12 episodes of the series, including air dates etc so I can see at a glance how many are left, the synopsis (if I want to read it, toggle info on/off setting until episode is in library maybe?).

This idea is somewhat inspired by Sickbeard, as if I think a show has suddenly stopped mid season or maybe I missed an episode, I will have a look on Sickbeard at the next episode to see what date it airs, how many eps are left in the series etc.

The episodes you are missing could be marked very visibly as 'not aired yet' or 'missing' if it is historical, ie it aired in the past, which would identify any missing episodes from users' libraries.

I appreciate there is a next aired script etc but this is a slight difference, looking at seasons / shows as a whole, letting users see what is missing, what is upcoming etc. When the info for season 2 of new TV series Alphas is populated into the TVDB, and XBMC adds the next season and potential upcoming air dates, I would know this show is returning and hasn't been axed like so many others.

Interested to see if anyone agrees.

Thanks, keep up the sterling work.
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