Acer Revo USB to SD install experience (XBMC Live 10.1)
Almost a week out it's still working well. I've mostly been using Navi-X to watch random stuff, but I noticed today that the ISO rips of my daughter's baby show DVDs take 2 minutes to load the first time due to some CSS key retrieval mechanism. I'm not sure why I never noticed a similar delay under Windows using the same setup.

I also read somewhere that XBMC Live includes fluxbox as a lightweight X window manager that you can use to host other graphical Linux apps that you might want to run.

Lastly, I also heard about OpenELEC, which is a Linux distro built from scratch around XBMC for various specific HTPC hardware platforms. Supposedly it has Revo/ION support, but I think I'll stick with official XBMC Live for a few reasons:
  • It's official, which means it's likely better supported and gets the earliest updates.
  • I'm familiar with Ubuntu, so I know how to manage/administer it for home use. This makes it easier for me to either add neat things to it, or to fix it when something breaks down.
  • It runs just fine, and better than my Win7 setup did.
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