best way to have "home videos" in XBMC?
In conjunction with the custom NFO's you can also organize your home movies into folders like regular Movies. So a main parent folder called "Home Movies" with each movie within it's own child folder. Each movie can then have its' own nfo, and artwork. Use the <set> and <sorttitle> tags to keep them grouped and sorted as a Movie set Collection within the regular Hollywood movies. You'll probably want to avoid any extrafanart or extrathumbs.

Media Library\Movies
Media Library\TV Shows
Media Library\Home Movies\2007 California Trip
Media Library\Home Movies\2007 California Trip\2007 California Trip.iso
Media Library\Home Movies\2007 California Trip\movie.nfo
Media Library\Home Movies\2007 California Trip\movie.jpg
Media Library\Home Movies\2007 California Trip\poster.jpg
Media Library\Home Movies\2007 California Trip\fanart.jpg
Media Library\Home Movies\2009 Yellowstone Trip
Media Library\Home Movies\2009 Yellowstone Trip\2009 Yellowstone Trip.mp4
Media Library\Home Movies\2009 Yellowstone Trip\movie.nfo
Media Library\Home Movies\2009 Yellowstone Trip\movie.jpg
Media Library\Home Movies\2009 Yellowstone Trip\poster.jpg
Media Library\Home Movies\2009 Yellowstone Trip\fanart.jpg

    <title>2007 California Trip</title>
    <set>Home Movies</set>

Good details HERE

EDIT: I decided to provide some of my own details as well.
I dropped the home movies in the Home Movie folder. With Ember Media Manager configured to "sort files into folder before each library update" I then added the source to Ember Media Manager telling it to "scan recursively", "only detect one movie from each folder", and "use folder name for initial listing". This put each movie into its' own folder.

Then simply Ctrl+Click to tag each marked movie, right click and chose "rescrape selected movies, "ask (requires input if no exact match), "Extrathumbs only". That performed an automatic "frame extraction" and created an "extrathumbs" folder for each movie populated with fanart.

Then scraped for "meta data only".

I then edited each movie in Ember, put the year, plot outline, plot, family members as actors, director, runtime, camera used as "video source", custom "Home Movies" genre, and lastly selected a poster and main fanart from the local extrathumbs folder.

I used Tools, Sets Manager to create a Home Movies set and assign the movies to it.

Then deleted the extrathumbs folder.
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