[xbmcbuntu eden beta 3] Init Crash On Startup
Hi All,
I'm installing xbmcbuntu eden 3 live to a fixed disk (another usb stick...) and everything goes great during the install; I selected autologin with my own username. The first boot after install, it comes up perfect to the xbmc gui and all's cool. Then, when I reboot, it doesn't lock up, but fails in the init scripts (took some trial and error to figure this out) to load the WM, with messages like:

"...Starting XBMCbuntu
Starting LightDM Display Manager
Stopping XBMCbuntu
Stopping saving kernel messages
Checking for running unattended-upgrades...
Checking battery state..."

I originally thought this was a major display or kernel driver glitch, but none of it turned out to be the problem. I "fixed" it by going into a shell and running:

sudo /usr/sbin/lightdm

This brings the graphics back up and everything is great! The default display manager in /etc/X11 is set to /usr/sbin/lightdm...

This is apparently an init problem (I'm an old SysV guy and not yet familiar with upstart...), and/or the default login is screwing it up...

Any ideas?

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