Win 2 Questions and maybe feature requests Also found a possible bug
(2012-03-26, 02:26)ronie Wrote:
(2012-03-25, 15:13)Buzzie Wrote: With MediaPortal i really liked it when going into the tv shows section it would show ALL episodes and seasons of a show and also the upcoming episodes. I cant find that option anywhere and i have been looking the whole skin and on google.
Is it possible right now or maybe in a future version of Transparency ?
nope, that's not possible in xbmc
(2012-03-25, 15:13)Buzzie Wrote: Also i would like to know if it is possible to change the number of recently added items in the main screen sections of Movies and Tv Shows.
I would like to see more if possible.
i've posted an example of how to add extra items for the watchlist script, the same would basically apply for recently added items:
(2012-03-25, 15:13)Buzzie Wrote: Also i noticed in TV Shows section that for some strange reason sometimes a show lists Seasons : 1 with for instance 46 Episodes......even though it should be Seasons : 2
If you enter the show it self it does show multiple seasons.

weird...xbmc sets those values, so i doubt it's a skin bug.
to be sure, mind checking if the same occurs in other skins?

Ok its a shame that it isnt possible in xbmc.
oh well....gonna have to live with it i guess Smile

about the recently added items.....i tried the above that you mentioned and also what prae5 told.....but for some reason i still keep seeing 3 items.

I also tried what you asked me to do in other skins and i tried several but none show the season number....only transparancy does.
i just checked with for instance the show numbers.
in the TV show screen it says:

Seasons : 1 - Episodes: 118 (0 watched - 118 unwatched)
If i enter the show i get to see all 6 seasons incl all seasons tab.

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