Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
(2012-05-31, 17:02)e8hffff Wrote:
(2012-05-31, 16:49)gimli Wrote: The cool thing in OpenSource development is, i have the freedom to choose what i want. The A10 port will come but slowly. My main focus is still the RPi. Telling me i'm foul because i made that decsion is not polite. If you do not like the decision you are welcome to help in porting XBMC to other platforms.

Keep in mind we do the development for fun, not for sales numbers.

Another point is, using generic distributions like Ubuntu on embeded devices is the wrong way. Those are to bloatet, on limitied platforms.

That's you're prerogative. The fact of the matter is XBMC hasn't retained the success it had of the XBox days. For it to regain ground it needs developers who have direction and understand what hardware is suitable. Yeah it may not be able sales, but there still is a flag at the top of the hill. Apple 'smart' TV has just gone into production, btw.

Thats what you think.
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