Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
(2012-06-15, 08:01)j1nx Wrote: When I have time later this evening, I will see if I can point the guys to the evb.bin hardware initialisation files information and how to extract the proper one for the MK802 from android, so they can fix there memory issue.

I know Tom Cubie has the first X11 hardware drivers running and compiled, but there are still some issues. With some time you will get Hardware GLES support as well.

OK, I have looked into it a bit more. Although you can extract the evb.bin hardware initialisation file from the original android release for the 1GB version, it will not do you any good.

As it looks, the SDRAM params are not initialised from the evb.bin by U-Boot. Instead they are hardcoded into the U-Boot loader code by Allwinner. (They had their reasons). Basically they rebased the ubuntu 10.10 released earlier by Tom Cubie and changed the rootfs. They also basically use the U-Boot-SPL from the mele and therefor the hardcoded 512 MB memory.

Secondly, they also used the same 3.0.8 android kernel which is based on closed sources from Allwinner and is an Android kernel including the paranoid_kernel settings and such.

What they should do is compiling the new 3.0.31 kernel from here;

Secondly they need to replace the U-Boot compiled from here;
But off course first updated the hardcoded 512 memory SDRAM parameters.

I am in the freaking dessert at the moment, so that goes to far for me at this moment. They will most likely figure it out Big Grin

PS: Tom Cubie will shortly release the documentation on how to compile the Mali-400 X11 drivers.
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