Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
Sorry to bump my own questions, but does anyone that owns an A10 device have the answers?

(2012-06-26, 16:36)Speedst3r Wrote: a) Output resolutions/refresh rates - gimli's demo is in 720p, does the Mali-400 do 1080p output as well?
b) I read a fair few pages back the driver only does 24 or 60Hz currently. Any plans for other refresh rates (e.g. 23.976, 50)? Wife certainly notices the judder in PAL SD content when played back at 60Hz.
c) Does the A10 bitstream HD audio over HDMI?

Also saw Ned Scott's post that it will be easy to get XBMC running. Not to belittle the work that gimli is doing but that is great to hear! Goodbye ATV2s with your 720p output and crashes!

I wish there was some way I could help with the porting work, alas my coding skills are very rusty!
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