Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
Wow, I am shocked at the way some users have been pushing the Devs. Gimli and all the others working hard on various ARM platforms have done some amazing things, and all in their spare time. The A10 appears to be a platform that has much potential, but at this specific point that potential is all on paper because of certain constraints. I really do love following the A10 news in this thread (There is so much hardware utilizing the A10... It boggles my mind how many devices have been brought to market with it), and I do believe someday the atmosphere will be such that a lot of work can be done on the A10 to being XBMC to it. However in the meantime I feel prudence is necessary. Let the Devs work and let us all make XBMC the best it can be.


P.S. As a small aside, I am extremely pleased with the progress of the Android port, It came out of nowhere and certainly made me smile when I saw the announcement. Additionally I can totally understand some of the issues Devs are having with getting proper access to libraries and documentation, I am amazed at what has be done with the resources available right now. In all truth, most hardware companies don't understand the benefits of an open software model. This is an issue industry wide...I attend UCSD and Qualcomm sponsors a ton of research projects there, and even in that type of ideal situation getting comprehensive documentation and access to fully functional libraries and or source code is like pulling teeth! Lots of the software is only delivered in binary form and documentation is often sparse...companies think of everything as a "trade secret", and this is the real issue (In addition to the convoluted licensing associated with most technologies)... The Devs here would be considered end users for the most part so information is even more sparse. The reason so much progress has been made on the Pivos boxes is no doubt because they are an OEM and chip makers are more inclined to supply them with technical information and software, and it is often hard for them (Look at Rasberry Pi - and they have a guy on the "inside") to get what information they want. For those who are impatient, find an OEM making A10 gear, convince them to sponsor the development of XBMC for A10, and go from there....With the support of an OEM AllWinner would probably be more inclined to provide technical data and software because the request would be coming from a "paying customer" and not just joe schmo dude on the internet.
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