Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
(2012-08-15, 19:58)davilla Wrote:
(2012-08-15, 18:02)pszab Wrote:
(2012-08-15, 13:08)Ned Scott Wrote: Tegra 1/2 doesn't support NEON instructions for the ARM processor, but Tegra 3 does, so Tegra 3 should be all good for running XBMC.

I asked some things about NEON in another thread (, but I have not received any answer yet.
I would like to understand how NEON is working. Is it for accelerating all kinds of codecs? Strong enough for decoding h264 1080p videos? e.g. in a 1Ghz arm cpu? or is it for something else?
Thanks in advance

NEON is a vector math processor, like mmx or sse in x86 world. It does nothing by itself, you have to write code to use it.

Yes, I know. And, can the written code be stong enough to play hi quality videos compared to a simple arm cpu code which is very poor?
I'd like to know that can we state that if neon is present, the actual chips (~1Ghz) can play everything (with a good code) and we can avoid situation like in a10 case... or other manufacturer specific vpu accelerations are needed...
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