Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
(2012-08-17, 20:11)Nu7s Wrote:
(2012-08-17, 20:08)gimli Wrote:
(2012-08-17, 19:39)Nu7s Wrote: I'm confused. If MX player uses common Android functionality to make H/W decoding possible on the A10 why wouldn't this be possible with XBMC?
Well, I can think of a few reasons, but they are far too negative. There must be a logical reason, right?

This is pure tecnical, we focus on using OpenMAX on Android. Allwinner doesn't have working OpenMAX components, as far as i know.

Fantastic, then not all is lost:

EVA Wrote:Allwinner is redeveloping the cedarX by following OPENMAX too and will share with the community once available.

The question is how open AllWinner willing to be with open source community? Given time and resource, Any SoC company will build a driver and given binary code to XBMC and get things hock up. The true value between this collaboration is to produce a open sourced driver running on hardware provide by Allwinner, I believe XBMC team could put up a OpenMax driver pretty quick, Gimli has already showcased a half cooked program before.

How hard will Allwinner take to open up their VPU or DSP hardware tech specification and let the open source community do the job?
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