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i´m on XBMC since the first XBOX Builds and i´d like to thank all devs for teir great work over the last ten jears.

AE is the biggest improvement for me since XBMC hast turnt over to the PC.

I use the PC in my Homecinema (AMD X2 6000+, Geforce GT 520, 4MB Ram) for hires Audio Files und my CD Collection (ripped to Flac).
The PC is connected via HDI (and aktual SPDIF for testing) to my Multichannel Pre (Rotel 1069).

Today i noticed a strange bevavior of AE with my Flac of Dire Straits Borthers in Arms:

The CD is HDCD coded.
With my oppo 95 player the Rotel Pre shows HDCD 44.1 khz when i play the Flac.
With XBMC the Rotel switches permanently between PCM and HDCD witch makes the Sound stutter.
It makes no differce if i use the HDMI or SPDIF Connection

My Audio Settings are (System):
Speaker Config: 5.1
Bosst Volume Level on Downmix : off
Output Stereo to all Speakers: off
Audio Output device:HDA ATI SB, ALC 887 Digital SPDif
Passtrough Audio Device: HDA ATI SB, ALC 887 Digital SPDif
or for NVIDIa and HDMI:
Audio Output device:HDA NVIDIA ETR RSX1058 on HDMI
Passtrough Audio Device: HDA NVIDIA ETR RSX1058 on HDMI

Music Settings:

ReplayGain Volume Level: off
Preamp Level gained and not gained: 89db
Avoid Clipping: off

There is no differece in AE Behavior when i switch from ATI SPDIF out to NVIDIA HDMI out.
When i change Replay Gain Volume Level from off to Track Level the Rotel Pre shows constantly PCM 2 CH without switching to HDCD an Sound is playing.
But the output stream doesn´t seam bitperfect to me, because the Rotel can´t dedect the HDCD flags and the sound is slightly different to the oppo output
If also used this advancedsettongs.xml settings without luck:

- <audio>

I´m on Openelec r12126 from october 5, Nvidia Driver is 304.51

sorry for my bad english.
@admins, please feel free to move my post to the right place if i´m in the wrong tread or delete it if you think it´s stupid Big Grin

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