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(2012-10-11, 21:02)rat666 Wrote:
(2012-10-11, 08:43)krip Wrote:
(2012-10-08, 21:56)rat666 Wrote: i´ve made a log File during the playback of an HDCD coded track (about 30 sec.)
hope i made it right and it helps: pastebin

Hi Rat666,

I posted about a similar issue to yours (post #417 in this thread), but so far didnt receive any feedback.

My setup is fairly similar to yours: SPDIF from xbmc pc to rotel RSP1066 receiver. I also experience drop outs when playing -some- FLAC files. Reading your post made me wonder if the problematic files might be HDCD encoded but Im not sure how to tell (they seem to include some +/- db settings when comparing to flac files that work. Is this HDCD?).

I noticed I can play back the problematic files without dropouts if I switch the receiver from 2 channel stereo to 5 channel stereo. Maybe you can test this on your setup?

Hi Krip,

the dropouts occur only when the Rotel is switching between HDCD and PCM 2 CH, the came frome the Rotel.
i have no Dropouts during the Playback of a normal (non HDCD coded) Track, sometimes i have some little pops (like with a scratched cd in a cd player) and in some cases i noticed a distortion. it sounds a little like my old overdriven recorded Crome Tapes when i was 15 jears old.

Changing the Speaker from 5.1 to 2.0 has no effect in my Case.

i also had the RSP 1066 and it can decode HDCD like my 1069, so it should show HDCD in the Display when you stream a HDCD coded Flac.
If you need a HDCD Sample File, i can provide you one via my Dropbox.

I thing AE doesn´t give a bitidentical Stream to the Rotel. Without ReplayGain it is almost bitidentical (it seams to have only an "incorrect bit" every few seconds, that makes the Rotel change from HDCD to PCM). With ReplayGain enabled it never switches to HDCD and the Sound is different to the sound from my Oppo Player (to be honest, the oppo sounds clearly better then XBMC AE with SPDIF or HDMI when ReplayGain is enabled).

Hi Rat666,

With more testing I now confirm the same issue as you. My problematic flac files are all HDCD encoded. On the rotel rsp1066 switching to 5-channel stereo disables hdcd decoding as per the manual, and then hdcd encoded flacs play ok, but in 2 channel stereo mode they suffer dropout every few seconds.

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