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hello all,

i'm audiophile and i'm working to put in place an audio player with a little CUBOX ( ARM V7 bsed)
I made some tests and i really satisfied by XBMC with Geebox distribution but i have an issue with the new audio engine with Frodo version released.
It seems that the audio streams output are not bit perfect.

I'm using an USB DAC connected to my cubox. ( USB link)
The audio output device is selected to XMOS SPDIF ( USB DAC driver)
The configuration of audio speakers is SPDIF/COAX with 2.0.
The audio is playing but without bitperfect ( i can test it with my DAC and a specific wav file in XBMC)

With last version of XBMC ( 11) it is working well at bit perfect.
The audio output device was selected to XMOS SPDIF ( USB DAC driver)
The configuration of audio speakers was ANALOG with 2.0.
and with this configuration the audio USB link is bit perfect...

now with frodo version bit perfect disapeared. I can't select ANALOG in speaker configuration... !!!! i have just COAX/SPDIF it seems the good one but not working as expected ...
how can I parameter new audio engine of frodo version to be bit perfect with USB DAC ? maybe i have to change some XML file to parameter more depper...

May be i can configure also the new audio engine decode "wav" files . Can i configure wav files to play in the passthrougth device ?

PS: for you information i Made also the same test in a laptop with Ubuntu and last XBMC version and the audio stream seems not bit perfect ...

Can some one help me please.
Thanks in Advance
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