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(2014-05-30, 11:12)tuxfuxch Wrote: hey thanks guy's works for me like a charm!

so here step by step for ppl who are not so into "computers and stuff" Wink

my szenario: i was using xbmc for a while. in some menues (tv series) i already changed view to the one i wanted, in others not. i was testing with 1channel plugin!

my skin: Quarz4
how to change to the default view "Media Info"

i changed in the file-browser to the xbmc settings place (where ever it is on your system. for me, in Linux/Ubuntu, it's ~/.xbmc

then go to "addons"--> "skin.quartz" (or whatever skin you are using) --> "1080i" (or what ever it's your case)

here is a file named: "MyVideoNav.xml". copy it to another place in case you mess anything up. save is save.

then open the original with a text editor (not browser!). in my case (linux) i used "kate". with windows the normal "editor" is what you could use.

go to the line with <views> (in my case line 5 so right in the top)
in this line, the views are represented by numbers. when you change die view in xbmc, the first is list (well in my case) and thats why the "50" in this line represents this view. so i counted on which position comes my prefered view. it was on the 3rd. so i put the 3rd number in the list right in the beginning. (in my case 52). make sure you don't mess up with commas and anithy stays in between <views> ... and </views> etc.

then restart xbmc (not sure if really needed).

now what happend: in menues, i did already in prior change the view from default to something else (not everywhere i want "media info"), it did after this here not change. it left it, like i set it. but in menues i did not define explizit, it did actually changed to default "Media Info"! No configuring again, what i configured already! great!

hope this was helpfull for someone.

I don't understand any of this. I'm using an android box with xperience1080 skin. Can you tell me in really simple wording how to do this?? I'm getting sooooo frustrated with searching forums for an answer i can understand.
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