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Great work Zag!
I really appreciate the effort and sincerely hope this will eventually become the reference db as happened to its pars.

That said, my intention is to fill the db with information for most of the 70's progressive rock players, so I started with a smaller one in order to foresee potential issue I'm going to meet.

The question: adding the record for "Area" (an italian prog rock band) I've noticed that not all the infos in MusicBrainz were imported.
The missing info are:
- genre/subgenre
- artist bio
- members

Moreover, I've noticed it imported only the albums in the "Album" section on MB, skipping for instance those in the "live" one.

Concerning fanart and images, you stated in the main post to fill first. can you please explain which are the rules uset by TADB to scan and, for example, resolve ambiguities?

thank you in advance

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