Shuttle XS35GT-V3 - fanless, AMD 7410m, ATOM D2700
Working flawlessly here. Running OpenELEC diskless: PXE booted, NFS root, everything runs from the media server over GigE, no local drive at all. Works beautifully with the Pulse-Eight CEC adapter, resumes from suspend when selected by the Viera TV and everything is controlled by single Viera remote control. Boots in 30 seconds, resumes in 5. Uses 18 watts at idle, 24 or so under load, 0.2 in suspend. Uses between 4 and 9% of CPU for playing video, but way more for some of the XBMC GUI... for some reason the Weather app really makes it work hard.

Based on the experiences of others I did disable Hyperthreading, but it's not like it matters; XBMC standalone is a single process and not set up to make good use of multiple cores anyway.

It was a choice between this and the new Foxconn Brazos. I chose this because I still have some legacy DVDs and also I wanted a halfway decent CPU for stuff that can't be offloaded to the GPU. And it's cool to be watching a movie from the file server while simultaneously ripping a different DVD to that same server. Can't do that with no Boxee Box.

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Shuttle XS35GT-V3 - fanless, AMD 7410m, ATOM D27000
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