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This is a new thread to discuss the trakt.tv add-on and website. This thread replaces the old one. The first posts will be updated with any new info, screenshots, etc.

Official Release: 2.3.1 (xbmc.org repository)
Testing Release: 3.x.x. (github)
Beta Testing Release: 3.x.x. (github)

*** Please post a link to your xbmc.log with debugging on. This is the best way to troubleshoot your issue. ***


What is trakt?

Automatically scrobble all TV episodes and movies you are watching to trakt.tv! Keep a comprehensive history of everything you've watched and be part of a global community of TV and movie enthusiasts. Sign up for a free account at trakt.tv and get a ton of features:
  • Automatically scrobble what you're watching
  • Mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone
  • Share what you're watching (in real time) and rating to facebook and twitter
  • Follow your friends and people you're interesed in
  • Use watchlists so you don't forget to what to watch
  • Track your media collections and impress your friends
  • Create custom lists around any topics you choose
  • Easily track your TV show progress across all seasons and episodes
  • Track your progress against industry lists such as the IMDb Top 250
  • Discover new shows and movies based on your viewing habits
  • Widgets for your forum signature
What can this add-on do?
  • Automatically scrobble all TV episodes and movies you are watching
  • Sync your TV episode and movie collections to trakt (triggered after a library update)
  • Auto clean your trakt collection so that it matches up with XBMC
  • Keep watched statuses synced between XBMC and trakt
  • Rate movies and episode after watching them
  • Custom skin/keymap actions for toggling watched status, rating, tagging, and listing (see https://github.com/trakt/script.trakt/wiki)
What can be scrobbled?

This plugin will scrobble local media and most remote streaming content. Local content should be played in XBMC library mode and you should use TVDb (for tv shows) and TMDb (for movies) as your scrapers. TV shows are identified using their TVDb ID. Movies are identified using the IMDb ID. This helps trakt match up the correct show or movie regardless of the title and improves accuracy a lot.

Remote streaming content will scrobble assuming the metadata is correctly set in XBMC. The various streaming plugins need to correctly identify TV episodes and movies with as much metadata as they can for trakt to know what you're watching.

Tested and scrobbling correctly
  • XBMC library mode
  • PleXBMC
  • Amazon (bluecop repo)
  • CBS (bluecop repo)
  • South Park
  • In XBMC, go to Settings » Add-ons » Search and search for trakt (If it doesn't show up, try refreshing the xbmc.org repository so it gets the latest listings)
  • Select the trakt plugin and choose install
  • After installation, open trakt again and select configure
  • Enter your username, password, and change any other settings as needed
  • Select OK to save your settings
  • Watch something and see it show up on trakt.tv!

Special thanks to all who contributed to this plugin! Check the commit history and changelog to see these talented developers.

Release Notes

version 2.3.1
  - improved API error handling and debugging
  - new context menu action via RunScript(script.trakt,action=contextmenu)
  - silent option for manual sync via RunScript(script.trakt,action=sync,silent=True)

version 2.3.0
  - moved debug settings to their own menu (nate1280)
  - new togglewatched action for skins/keymaps (nate1280)
  - new rate action for skins/keymaps (nate1280)
  - new tagging/list actions for skins/keymaps (nate1280)
  - alternate rating notification style (nate1280)
  - exclusion checks now work in syncing and scrobbling (nate1280)

version 2.2.0
  - lots of code optimizing and bug fixes (nate1280)
  - sync fixes (nate1280)
  - better scrobbling of streaming media (nate1280)
  - updated translations

version 2.1.0
  - rate movies and episode after watching them (sschocke, N3MIS15)
  - use urllib2 for connection (nate1280)
  - rewrite notification service (nate1280)
  - scrobbles playlisted items correctly (koying)
  - exclude settings for media to not scrobble (ezechiel1917)
  - scrobble double episodes correctly (nate1280)

version 2.0.0
  - compatible with Frodo RC3 (Eden support dropped)
  - supports absolute and dvd ordering (mizaki)
  - sync your TV episode and movie collections to trakt (N3MIS15)
  - auto clean your trakt collection so that it matches up with XBMC (N3MIS15)
  - keep watched statuses synced between XBMC and trakt (N3MIS15)
  - retry the telnet connection to prevent timeouts (sschocke)
  - fixed authentication issue for incorrect username/password
  - default to HTTPS on

version 1.0.1
  - code optimization (seadog)
  - use tvdb_id for much improved matching and international support
  - hide error notifications during playback

version 1.0.0
  - initial release
  - tv episode and movie scrobbling
  - works with local files and remote streams with correct metadata
  - tested with XBMC library mode, PleXBMC, Amazon, CBS
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