[RELEASE] trakt.tv tv/movie scrobbler
(2015-02-20, 10:12)Razze Wrote: Forgot to remove that setting. Retrying won't help you if the server is not responding at all.

No harm Smile

(2015-02-20, 10:12)Razze Wrote: Do you have an proof or log? We're not using oauth so that should no happen, I'm not even sure if there is any error message that has oauth in it.

I had it in a log file, but that file has long been cycled. If I see it again, I'll post it for you.

(2015-02-20, 10:12)Razze Wrote: Get me the incorrect username/password case should only happen if the server returns but doesn't return with a token, so thats pretty weird.

Um... sorry, but I'm not posting my User/password in a forum Smile

(2015-02-20, 10:12)Razze Wrote: Thats just a timeout, when the server is not responding. You should get a "can not connect to trakt" error message in your ui.

I didn't notice the message in the UI, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen. I had a "tail -f kodi.log" running in another monitor and was paying attentiopn to that. It is very likely that it may have popped up the "Can not connect" message in the UI and I just missed it.

Just wanted to reply and say the new script seems to be working quite well. The Debugging to the log file seems a bit sparse for my taste. Is there a higher debug level, something like a trace level of DEBUG? I am a python developer by trade (sadly stuck in 2.7 due to legacy requirements). I'm very familiar with the libraries for requests, urlib, urllib2, OAuth, etc, but not the xbmc/kodi api library. If I had some higher debugging, I might be able to help out some (or had some time to learn the Kodi library). Is there a bug tracker or any feature todo list I could scan over and possibly contribute?

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