Danish translation regarding browse and search
I have a problem with the Danish translation of browse (id 1024) and search (id 137), where both are translated to "Søg".
A real world scenario is Quartz (a skin) which has submenus where you can "Browse" and "Search", which is translated in Danish to, you can "Søg" and "Søg".
Imo, browse should be translated to something like "Gennemse" or something like that.

Well, the above is just a intro to the real problem. If I want to change "browse" from "søg" to "Gennemse" (of a better word), how do I do that? I know I can make an account to Frodo and try to submit my changes, but the problem is, "Browse" and "Search" has been used in XBMC for a long time, so why hasn't it changed. Is there a Danish coordinator, a Danish translation Team, or similar where I can get their opinions, about a new translation of "Browse". It will not only affect id 1024, but also stuff like "Browse for image folder" (id 1031), "Browse for file" (id 1033).

In short, I am looking for an answer if it is a good idea or not to translate an old used word like "Browse" (and maybe why it has not been changed before). I want to minimize getting a horde of angry Danes after me, because they loved the word "søg" when they are browsing and searching in XBMC.
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