OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi
(2012-10-11, 14:10)popcornmix Wrote:
(2012-10-11, 10:22)johnnyvd Wrote: but what i meant was that my digital photographs in the pictures sections are shown blurry when i want to watch them. I do not mean the thumbnails (which i also do not auto-generate by the way).

The strange thing is that *sometimes* (once in a hundred) a picture gets shown right.. It seems that this depends on the size of the pictures (pixels).
The pictures is shot with my 450D (12MP) show blurry while the ones i took with my old IXUS 400 (4MP) are ok..

Okay, higher resolution photos shouldn't be more blurry, although possibly the high MP photos are hitting some memory limit and being downsized.
Post a link to a photo that is appearing blurry, and I'll look into it.

I just tested r12080 and the slideshow still suffer with blurry pictures. I found one image which is displayed both correctly and blurry. Log on includes just 6 attempts of viewing the same picture with these results:
1st and 2nd: were ok
3 and 4: were blurry
5 and 6: were ok

I'll send you the picture link via PM.

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