OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi
(2012-11-03, 22:48)Lemme Wrote: PROBLEM SOLVED:
It turned out that it was my Windows installation causing trouble. I tried to stream from another Windows 7 PC, and it went well. It turned out that it was my VirtualBox network stack causing trouble. I ran an "ipconfig /all" and found the IP adress associated with VirtualBox. I do not know how to fix it, but it is not XBMC related.

Hi Wanderlei
It sounds strange if it is a loop back adress, can anyone confirm this?
I tried with a static IP adress, but no luck, the Pi does not recieve the stream.

Do anyone have a similar problem?


(2012-11-03, 18:45)Wanderlei Wrote: I think loop back address, it is not getting IP properly from DHCP. Check that or try static IP.

I use SMB to get shares from a windows 7 machine, maybe try that way.

I was wondering which of my R-Pi's would be the superior OpenELEC XBMC machine.

R-Pi A - 256mb

R-Pi B - 512mb

Basically one is a 512MB board but core_freq must run at stock AND the 256MB can overclock core_freq to 350. (but obviously less memory)

I am leaning towards the one with the faster gpu core speed, I would imagine this to be an advantage for video playback and such. The 512MB board, it just seems to have more memory free.

Anything 169.254.x.x is an APIPA address ... which stands for Automatic Private IP Addressing.

You will receive these addresses when you DHCP client cannot get an ip address from a DHCP server.
Your "loopback" address is generally

In Virtualbox, check your virtual machine's network settings... if you want it to recieve a 192.168.1.x address, you may need to set the network adapter to a "bridged network".

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