OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi
(2012-11-03, 19:42)caravela Wrote: when overclocking the arm_freq is the most important thing, the other options don't have a high impact in performance. the GPU seems to handle everything fine (as long it has enough ram available for it...) . on the other hand you will notice that setting a higher CPU, will yield a better response feedback from the system due to the cpu being faster processing data when entering libraries menus, on online addons fetching and parsing data is way quicker as well.

for the 512 MB having some extra ram for caching also helps improving networking performance and allowing more background services

Thanks mate, I think I over estimated the 512MB overclock capabilities so its a 265MB that overclocks nice or 512MB running at stock, which would people pick?

(2012-11-04, 06:15)gizmomel Wrote: just a quick query - if I prepare my USB movie drive with metadata (backgrounds, fan art and movie nfo scrape data) in directory with the same name as the MKV, should OpenElec see and use it straight away without doing it's own scape? The backgrounds would auto display, but none of the movie scrap data was used and I needed to perform a manual scrape. Is this correct behaviour? Thank you.

Also wonder same thing, For movies I use "Media Center Master" on my PC, it creates xbmc compatible nfo, how do I get xbmc to read from these and display information?

I was wondering what the default, cache memory buffer size is for the R-Pi?


Is this the correct syntax to change it?

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